Monday, September 21, 2015

The ones YOU help are rarely the ones who return the favor.

The ones you help, are rarely the ones who return the favor and this is totally ok !! Here is why..... because it will come from somewhere else. Sound too simple ?

Well let me offer a perspective that may allow you to not only see where your good deeds could be payed back but also assist you in changing the resentment you may feel towards those you help and don't repay the help when you need it.

What we put out there will come back to you no doubt, what we must realize is "karma" always plays out both "positive" and "negative". We too often think, who we created the karma with, is who the karma will be returned back to us by.... and more often than not This Is Not True !!

If we offer help or assistance it will be returned at some point and it could be from any one...a stranger, friend, family member or even your local baker !! We don't know who will return what we put out to the universe, but know it will be returned,

If you look at this scenario you might find it easier to make sense of this. If you have a friend that you often lend money to, whether it be $20 or $500...... what is the likelihood you will can turn to them to borrow money ?? If they forever borrow money from others, they will not have money to lend back out, to those who they have borrowed form. When you need to borrow money, you do not go to those who don't have it but you WILL find someone you can go to or an opportunity will present itself where you get the money, if you really needed it, as everything balances out in the end. It does not have to come from those you have helped, but it will come.

Another example would be if you drive and a friend often asks you for rides, if your vehicle breaks down.... would you go to friend that does not drive and expect them to return the favor ?? No of course not, but if you need a ride something or someone will present itself in order for you to have, what you have done for others, returned back to you.

What we do for others is rarely returned back to us, in the same way, by the people we helped.

We can only trust when it comes down to it and we need help in any way, someone will be there to lend us the help we need. When we expect some one to do something for us, we can be easily let down but if we just trust we will be given what we need, when we need it, there is no let down, only exhilaration, joy and gratitude when the help we need turns up in the most unexpected ways.

The universe always provides us with what we need, we only need to pay attention to the signs, signals, opportunities and people it presents us with and take the help or opportunity when it shows up !!