Saturday, February 22, 2014

Your spiritual practices are unique to your needs !!

When beginning a new practice on your spiritual journey, the universe does not expect you to get it right the first time, not does the universe have a specific way that it want s it done. LOVE is the only expectation the universe has. Your intention to create love.

Whether you are learning how to smudge, use crystal or tarot, beginning to meditate or have been trying to for year, the universe is not judging you on getting it right, it only celebrates that you are trying. There is no set right or wrong way to practice your beliefs, rituals, set up alter, cleanse your crystals, sit or lay in meditation or specific way to breath.

There are as many techniques as there are people. Do not worry about dishonoring anything, anyone or system, belief or tradition because you are discovering what works for you. Only you will know what works for you. The best suggestion yet is to take in a variety of techniques and choose the one that works best for you. Tweak it or change it to suit your needs and to what feels right for you. As you work in each of these area and learn new skill and knowledge you will find your way of doing things, you will make your own ritual when working with an spiritual practice.

ONLY BELIEVE TO A CERTAIN EXTENT, WHAT YOU READ, HEAR OR ARE TOLD BY OTHERS, UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE WITH IT. Everyone is different so you experience will not be exactly the same as anyone else s. So don't sweat it if you can't get it "right" or remember the words or step in order as you begin. The universe is only joyful you are putting your energy into something on this vibration.

The universe wants us to explore and dabble and try our new learned skill. You will not be judged on accuracy, timing, procedure. You will only be noticed for your efforts and good intention, for as you practice working with energy, the universe knows more than likely you will show others in time and more will inquire about the power of spiritual.

Be confident, Be you in all your practices, that's what you came here to do.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

What do Dream Catchers do ?

Natives have been honoring the tradition and energies of the dream catcher for many generations and as the rest of the world explores different spiritual aspects, many questions arise about dream catchers and how they work, how to pick one, where to put it, and so on, so here is brief explanation on dream catchers.

Dream catchers are believed to filter out bad dreams, negative energies or thoughts that may come to you while asleep. Like the spider weaves an intricate web in order to catch it's prey, the dream catchers we is wove to catch bad dreams, while still allowing good and beneficial dreams through.

There are many types of dream catchers and you need not fret over what kind you should get, go with what one speaks to you, which one stands out, what are you attracted to ? If you feel yourself being pulled to a specific one then that is the one that will work best for you.

When you have chosen your dream catcher, you can smudge it if you like ( burn a cleansing herb, to clear old energies off ) or not. Just ask spirit to help the dream catcher work best for you. Find a place in your bedroom. Possibly over our bed, or near your window, Don't worry too much about where you hang it. Just have faith it will work for you.

Dream catchers are great addition to your spiritual practices. Because there is so much variety in size, color, material, design, and price, not only can they visually appealing but the great energy combined with your intent and faith will only enhance your sleep time and dreamworld.

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How to use Essential Oils

Essential oils are the oils within plants in concentrated levels. These oils can be used in a variety ways and for even more reasons. Always use caution when using them as they are highly concentrated and can be toxic and there is always the possibility of allergies. We will cover the different ways to use your oils as well as why you would want specific oils for specific reason.

ESSENTIAL OILS AND CANDLES -  oils can be added to any candle mixing it with the wax before pouring and cooling is ideal but a drop rubbed on the top of your candle can go along way. In some practices this is called anointing your candle. Essential oils in candle not only can create a nice aroma but can leave you feeling specific moods or energies, including, relaxed, energized, clear headed, or any other mood. Adding oils can also create intention. For instance if you use cinnamon oil in your candle or anoint you candle with it, you could be telling the universe you are open to love, romance or possibly prosperity.

INCENSE STICK OR CONES - essential oils are best of scenting incense. Fragrances have chemicals where these oils are 100% natural.  Any essential oil can be used in scenting incense and again you can implement any intention when doing so , from just wanting a nice aroma to producing magic or even clear a space of negativity.

BATH AND SKIN PRODUCTS - everything from shampoo, hand creams, lotions, soaps, epsom salts, conditioner, moisturizer and many other natural bath products can be enhance by adding just a small amount of essential oils. Essential oils leave a desired scent, but can also add healing qualities that give relief to many ailments, such as relieve skin conditions, alleviate muscle aches, or to help you relax and de-stress. Always use caution when trying new oils and use only tiny amounts until you are sure you won't have an undesired reaction.

OIL BURNERS - you can put oils into an oil burner and infuse the air around you. Choose an oil for your purpose and place a 5 - 10 drops in the top of your oil burner. I usually place a teaspoon of water in the top with the oil. If you burn only the oil, it works great but it will be a very potent aroma in a smaller area, as opposed to adding water where you will get a much more dispersed aroma that fills a larger area because the water evaporating helps carry the oil scent.

MAGIC AND MANIFESTING - when practicing magic or manifesting, you are putting out an intention and using oil can bring an added potency to your work. All plants and oils carry spiritual qualities and represent certain desires and qualities. So when putting your intention out to the universe burning a particular oil is just showing universe that you are open to receiving the qualities of your chosen oil.

PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL AILMENTS - burning, smelling, rubbing or using oils can help in all emotional and physical dis-ease or problems. All oil carry medicinal qualities and doing some research you can find an oil to help you with any problem. Choose carfully and be mindful in your way of using it, whether you burn or mix with a carrier oil (olive or coconut....) and apply to area. or just smell over a set period of time.

Do your research and respect the power within these oils. They will help you but they can harm you too. There are many ways to enjoy essential oils. Begin exploring using the internet. There is loads of information. A couple common and safe ones to start with would be lavender or tea tree.

Enjoy !!

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Salt Lamps - What do they do ?

Salt lamps are another great addition to your bedroom, office, home or any space that you are looking to create a more natural clear environment. Any where can benefit from a salt lamp, but especially anywhere you have electronic appliances or devices. Items such as t.v., computers, phone, fax, lamps, microwaves and florescent lights emit positive ions.

Ions are something we all have, both positive and negative. They are everywhere. We should have a fairly balanced amount of each, but more often than not we are lacking negative ions and have too many positive ions. Having too many positive ions in our system can create a variety of symptoms such as aches and pains in joints and muscles, tiredness, depression, low energy, headaches, moodiness, sleep quality and respiratory issues.

When you bring a salt lamp into a space it will immediately start releasing negative ions. Leaving your lamp on increases the level of ions being released as the salt is warmed. In doing this you not only will balance the ions, but you will feel more energized, there will be less allergens, it will reduce the effects of S.A.D., serotonin levels will increase, metal alertness will improve, pain in joints and muscles will improve along with improved sleep and easier breathing.

Salt lamps are safe and easy to use. There is no maintenance and no special bulbs are needed. Just place one any where the air is being polluted with too many positive ion, or where you spend a good amount of your time, plug it in and forget about it !! It's as simple as that !!

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