Saturday, April 26, 2014

Empaths try this....say, I only want to FEEL whats mine, right NOW !!

It is our birth right to have a clear mind and more importantly a clear energy field around you !! There are many things or situations that can muddle up your energy, leaving you feeling unwell, tired, and moody among other negative or not so nice emotions. There are also many things you can do to help yourself not only feel better but prevent the pick up of other peoples emotions and lower energies.

The quickest and most simplified ways of doing this is speaking or better yet commanding (in a respectful way) "I only want to feel whats mine, right now !! This will instantaneously clear your energy field. You should feel lighter, so to speak, immediately. When you speak these words you are activating your abilities to control how you are effected by others.

You claim that other energies are not welcome in your space and your desire to only experience what your true feelings are. You tell the universe you care how another feels and about what they may be going through, but you only want to process your emotions and energy. Some people are more susceptible to picking up energy than others. Empaths can feel what some one else is feeling, even if they are miles away. So being able to have some control over what energy your inviting into your space is not only empowering but will help lesson the burden all together.

Feeling only what is your keeps a clearer mind and heart. You are not bogged down with emotions or energy that you can't control or help any more than you are. If you find yourself not feeling like yourself of feeling down, you could have simply picked up energy while out and about. When you notice this and consciously realize you can help yourself....remember to command and have faith it will be done immediately and repeat if necessary "" I ONLY WANT TO FEEL WHATS MINE, RIGHT NOW !!"

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Feeling overwhelmed by a loved ones suffering ?

Sharing in an others person's experience can be anything from complete joy to utter devastation !! How you handle or involve yourself is where it can become tricky as there is a fine line between sharing in the experience and FEELING the experience as your own. Feeling someone's experience sounds great but as many empaths or clairsentients ( people who can literally feel what some one else is feeling ) would put it,..... It Could Be A Nightmare !!!!

When a friend or family member is going through tough times or even down right terrible times, it is normal to feel sadness for them, to cry with them, be angry for them, even sometimes act on their behalf, BUT many people can be sucked into the experience themselves. Empaths find it hard not to, they automatically feel emotion as if it were their own whether they want to or not. There is often a line many can cross out of love and genuin concern, that prevents us or blurrs our ability to decipher what we are feeling and if it is even ours that we are feeling.

If we find ourselves overwhelmed, completely drained, emotionally heavy, extended anxiety, prolonged sadness or anything out of the ordinary, there could be a couple things going on. First you may be an empath or someone who can feel what others feel literally as if it were your own or the person you are upset for could be an energy vampire or someone who feeds off the emotions of others, or it could be a combination of both. All of which have some solutions !!

An empath, sensitives, or clairsentients can learn to protect themselves when in the presents of the challenging emotions of friends and family. Surrounding yourself in the white light of the Holy Spirit or asking your Angels to protect you form such energies is extremely productive. You can also ask to be cleared of all energy you think you may have picked up. Saying " I only want to feel whats mine, right NOW " instantly clears others emotions from you. You can monitor and choose where and who you want to share energy with. Limit you time with negative people. Surround yourself with people that usually feel good and have a positive attitude.

If you find certain people always feeling bad, grumpy, complain or always have a lot of drama going on and it's usually negative, sad, aggressive drama, you can choose to limit your time spent with them. Energy vampires feed and get their energy from the negative energy and constant attention from others. We all go through hard times but some thrive in it and the more energy and time they can get from others the better they feel. You can ask for protection before meeting or speaking with them and clear yourself after separating.

Helping others just comes naturally to some and it can be very draining so learning how to be in the presence of these energies at least gives you some support in managing how they leave you feeling. Bless you for helping those who need it most but if you get overwhelmed in the process, you can now help yourself so you can continue helping others in healthier way !!

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When the student is ready, the teacher will appear !!

Although we humans tend to be somewhat impatient and want what we want when we want it, the benefits of knowing too much too soon may not be what there all cut out to be. This age old saying is true " when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Any sooner would not be healthy or well received by us. There is good reason to us not knowing too much too soon.

Learning to walk a more spiritual path takes time and a lot of faith. There is much to learn and many of us come to learn to appreciate the pace at which we are given new information. As we change many of our beliefs and perspectives, life can seem overwhelming and chaotic. Pacing the amount of change to what we can handle emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually is best left to the universe, spirit, God or what ever you call you higher power. They are well aware of what is best for us, when it is best and how much.

When we are ready for more understanding or ready to reach for the next level or plato in our evolution, a teacher will appear. Could be from anywhere from a friend of a friend, a stranger on the bus to the new class mate you just met. Teachers will only appear when we are ready, not when WE think we are ready. Look back to a time when things in your life seems very chaotic, stressful or out of balance, could you imagine being given a totally new perspective on 10 different areas in your life all at once ?? It would drive any sane person to the brink of collapse.

A new perspective on life feels good when it is a healthy perspective and we can want more and more but we need to remember that once we learn something we need time to develop the skill to use it in our daily lives. So we learn , then the universe gives us opportunities to try out our new skills and this can seem overwhelming at times and in order to take on more new information we need to have a good foundation as to what we have just learned previous. A good foundation is truly being ready for what is next and although we may think we know what is best for us, believe me there are countless times I have been ever so grateful for the delayed timing of that next teacher appearing, to bring to what what is next.

When us students of life are ready..... our teachers will appear to bring us to the next step...any sooner could create frustration and hardship that would only delay our progress !!! Give yourself the time you deserve to learn and practice having faith that whatever you need will be brought to you perfect timing !!

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Your emotions and dis-eases are guiding you !!

Although a crystal ball would be beneficial at times, it is not realistic but in place of our crystal ball we do have an internal gauge to help us feel whether we are on the right track. This internal guide is called many things such as intuition, gut feeling, higher self and many others, the way it works is by reading your emotional responses to situations, reactions, thoughts, experiences and such.

If we are not always conscious of how we are feeling, this can be challenging. The first thing you want to try is, on a daily basis be AWARE of how you are feeling at all times. Notice how and where you are feeling emotional sensations. For example notice how your stomach reacts to certain situations, is it tight ?, do you feel butterflies ? Do you feel nauseous ? How is your neck and shoulders feeling ? Do they feel tight ? relaxed and light ? How are you feeling in your mind ? Is it clear ? Does something seem out of sorts ?

Learning to read your bodies language can be a bit of a challenge in the beginning, as everyone experiences their sensations differently and in different areas of their body. Once you have begun to understand your body language, you can then begin to decipher how you are feeling in certain situations and if something is not quite right your body will let you know. For example if you feel the need to say something or feel the need to talk to someone about something specific and you have been putting it off possibly due to not wanting to upset anyone, then your throat may feel tight or irritated along with an uneasy feeling in your tummy area. If you notice this, it may be telling you, you need to take action in some way.

If you are not sure sit with yourself and just FEEL, what and where are you feeling ? Is it a lighter feeling or a heavy and uncomfortable feeling ? Keeping in mind that just because you are feeling nervous or anxious about a decision does not mean you should not do it because some things are hard or uncomfortable even though they need to be done.

If all else fails a combination of trial and error and emotional body responses can help you determine whether your actions were true to you and anyone else involved. If you feel you could have chosen a better course of action, as simply as possible just redirect your energy and move on with knowing what you have learned and apply it the next time as necessary. We are not expected to have all the right answers but it is in our best interest to help ourselves by reactivating and using this internal guide we were all born with. It's there for good reason. It is there to help us.

Choosing to be conscious of doing the right thing, is one thing, you can be sure is right !!

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