Saturday, April 26, 2014

Empaths try this....say, I only want to FEEL whats mine, right NOW !!

It is our birth right to have a clear mind and more importantly a clear energy field around you !! There are many things or situations that can muddle up your energy, leaving you feeling unwell, tired, and moody among other negative or not so nice emotions. There are also many things you can do to help yourself not only feel better but prevent the pick up of other peoples emotions and lower energies.

The quickest and most simplified ways of doing this is speaking or better yet commanding (in a respectful way) "I only want to feel whats mine, right now !! This will instantaneously clear your energy field. You should feel lighter, so to speak, immediately. When you speak these words you are activating your abilities to control how you are effected by others.

You claim that other energies are not welcome in your space and your desire to only experience what your true feelings are. You tell the universe you care how another feels and about what they may be going through, but you only want to process your emotions and energy. Some people are more susceptible to picking up energy than others. Empaths can feel what some one else is feeling, even if they are miles away. So being able to have some control over what energy your inviting into your space is not only empowering but will help lesson the burden all together.

Feeling only what is your keeps a clearer mind and heart. You are not bogged down with emotions or energy that you can't control or help any more than you are. If you find yourself not feeling like yourself of feeling down, you could have simply picked up energy while out and about. When you notice this and consciously realize you can help yourself....remember to command and have faith it will be done immediately and repeat if necessary "" I ONLY WANT TO FEEL WHATS MINE, RIGHT NOW !!"

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. People are barely aware that they are sensitive at times. I love it when you share exercises and honing techniques for others its wonderful