Friday, April 25, 2014

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear !!

Although we humans tend to be somewhat impatient and want what we want when we want it, the benefits of knowing too much too soon may not be what there all cut out to be. This age old saying is true " when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Any sooner would not be healthy or well received by us. There is good reason to us not knowing too much too soon.

Learning to walk a more spiritual path takes time and a lot of faith. There is much to learn and many of us come to learn to appreciate the pace at which we are given new information. As we change many of our beliefs and perspectives, life can seem overwhelming and chaotic. Pacing the amount of change to what we can handle emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually is best left to the universe, spirit, God or what ever you call you higher power. They are well aware of what is best for us, when it is best and how much.

When we are ready for more understanding or ready to reach for the next level or plato in our evolution, a teacher will appear. Could be from anywhere from a friend of a friend, a stranger on the bus to the new class mate you just met. Teachers will only appear when we are ready, not when WE think we are ready. Look back to a time when things in your life seems very chaotic, stressful or out of balance, could you imagine being given a totally new perspective on 10 different areas in your life all at once ?? It would drive any sane person to the brink of collapse.

A new perspective on life feels good when it is a healthy perspective and we can want more and more but we need to remember that once we learn something we need time to develop the skill to use it in our daily lives. So we learn , then the universe gives us opportunities to try out our new skills and this can seem overwhelming at times and in order to take on more new information we need to have a good foundation as to what we have just learned previous. A good foundation is truly being ready for what is next and although we may think we know what is best for us, believe me there are countless times I have been ever so grateful for the delayed timing of that next teacher appearing, to bring to what what is next.

When us students of life are ready..... our teachers will appear to bring us to the next step...any sooner could create frustration and hardship that would only delay our progress !!! Give yourself the time you deserve to learn and practice having faith that whatever you need will be brought to you perfect timing !!

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