Thursday, April 11, 2013

It takes stones to believe this stuff | News | The London Free Press

It takes stones to believe this stuff | News | The London Free Press

Emerald - The heart, health and prosperity.

Emerald is a stone that amplifies all qualities of the color green. Its multi-green tones enhance health, prosperity and the heart. Its enhances all partnerships, relationships and friendships. It is a healer of the heart, which in turn begins the healing process on all levels.

Prosperity is another quality this stone embodies, it has the potential to bring clarity as to where you should place your attention in order to manifest the abundance you are seeking. It bring positive action and intention therefore opening the door for abundance in all good things.

Emerald has the ability to strengthen psychic abilities, opening the third eye and creating a room for wisdom to come forth. When we are guided form a place of wisdom, we can then choose where we want to take action and do it from a place where our intentions are clear and positive, thus bringing prosperity on all levels.

This stone is well known for bringing bliss into all love relationships, as well as bringing into light any unfaithfulness or deceit, but because of its green soothing qualities it can help overcome any sadness from seeing the deceit it has brought to light.

Its  ability to bring on truth and cooperation, makes this stone perfect for people working in a group settings, where working as a team is essential.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What are Bach Flower Remedies ?

Flower remedies are a gentle, natural addition to the remedies you are currently using, to heal with the issues you are currently dealing with. They have the ability to help with everything from paralyzing fears to over excitability, to feelings of rage, depression, jealousy, dependency and grief. As well as many more.

It compliments many other therapies or work great on its own. Because it consists of only flower energy and water ( or alcohol when being preserved ) it can be taken with any existing medications and therapies, and there is need to worry about side effects or contrast to any current medications you are taking.

Administrating it is as simple as placing a couple drops on the tongue, on the skin or mixed with your beverage or food. The benefits come when the energy from the plant is in contact with your energy. Everything is energy and vibrates at a certain frequency. The specific flower remedy you choose will depend on what you are seeking help with. 

For example one of my children take cereto to help with concentration at school and another child of mine takes vervain and impatiens for their symptoms of A.D.H.D. and O.D.D. The vervain helps with impulses and over stimulation  and the impatients help him have the patience for other people and things that would normally cause an undesirable reaction. 

These remedies were created by a man named Dr. Bach. There are a total of 38 remedies in his collections and they cover hundreds of symptoms. They are fantastic at supporting your efforts in making positive changes on your journey of reaching your highest potential. ( which I believe is limitless for every single person on this planet )

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Lepidolite - useful in personality and behavior challenges.

This unique looking stone aids in a variety of challenging behaviors we all have faced at one time or another to varying degrees. Because it naturally contains lithium it helps sooth the symptoms of mood swings, addictions  bi polar, anorexia and other "disorders.". It's qualities also include the reduction of stress and dependency.

Lepidolite stimulates concentration and focus on what it is we are currently working on. Helps with filtering outside distractions, speeding up the decision making process.

This stone has the strong ability to clear electromagnetic smog or pollution. As many people are bothered by the energy emitted from electric devices such as computers, cell phones and microwave, placing this stone on or near these items when using them will absorb the bothersome energy.

Lepidolite is a great stone for the higher chakras; crown, third eye and throat. Helping one to speak their truth and making good on it as well as opening your mind to journeys through the practice of meditation.

This stone promotes love and peace as well as protection, providing great strength when needed, and being used for it's highest good.

Lepidolite helps with joint problems, insomnia, allergies, menopause and epilepsy and symptoms of alzheimers.

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Rose Quartz a peaceful, loving stone.

Rose quartz represents unconditional love, not only in general but especially for learning to love yourself.. The rose quartz gently teaches the true meaning or essence of love. It bring peace and calmness to all situations. It gently shows one, how to forgive oneself and opening the doors to forgive others.

Opening the heart chakra, this gemstone reminds you that you are a lovable being who not only deserves to receive love but are capable and encourage you to give your love to others. If we are unable to give and receive love than this stone is the one for the job.

Not only does this wonderfully loving stone have the ability to teach us how to give and receive love but it has the ability to attract love or maintain a loving balance in current relationships.. It promotes peace, love, happeniss and fertility in all relationships including with yourself. If looking to attract love keep this stone close by.

This is a great stone for crisis, trauma, and heartache. The calming, reassuring qualities that emanate from the rose quartz, reassures us that we are loved and strong enough to see our way out of any issues or challenges we are currently facing.

It's ever present energy of pure unconditional love make this stone the perfect addition to help you through any healing process you are faced with.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

We love you soul brothers.

Why can't they see or feel that it is pure
from heart, from soul, from a place of love ?
A love that is love and not of ego.
Why cant they see it is not material or physical ?
That it is spiritual and emotional, from the source.
Too many experiences, too few teaching.
So frustrated with the lack of understanding.
I do not wish to be misunderstood when my love is given !
It is pure love not in love love, it is soul love.
For if you breath, you are my brother or sister.
We are all one and it is this one love I give.
Do not mistaken it for listening to your ego.
I am not better than or less than I am equal.
As is my love, Still learning I am.
but practicing all the same.
My heart is sad for my brothers
Where their heart lye in ego and fear.
To not accept unconditional love.
To see their earth sisters love as attachment.
soo sad soooo damn sad.
Wake up. Wake up and accept unconditional love.
From source, do not accept fear.
My heart goes out to all my soul family,
but my brothers need more, too many have been taught
wrong and need to know love again.
They need to know what love is.
That it comes from inside, within.
A place where few are strong enough to look.
But more are looking.
LOOK now is the time. So much of it
saddens me to see pain in my brothers.
They need Love.The compassion
to be told it is ok.
It is ok to receive love and give love,
to cry tears of joy and sadness.
Why this connection ? I keep searching
to understand but need more understanding.
I need clarity as to where to help in their suffering.
I love them, them all. All, wake up !
Wake up all my brothers and sisters
It is ok now, to remember who and what we are.
Wake up and wake up others.
Love one another , help one another.
We are all from the same source of love and creation.
My heart cries out to stop and remember to love all.
Although at times we must walk alone,
we are NEVER alone, for we are all ONE !

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Goosebumps, shivers, chills suddenly, is your inner guidance coming through !

When we receive a case of goosebumps, right there in that moment you are being given a message or guidance. Whatever you were doing or thinking, or saying, or whomever you you speaking with or standing near, what ever brought on the goosebumps, there is guidance being given.

When something is significant and there is a chance you may not see the importance, your inner self, higher self, universe, which ever you may call, is sending you a physical sensation in hopes that you will recognize that what ever brought on your goosebumps has a significance and to become conscious to what it might be.

Some times knowing what the message is trying to tell you is obvious, like when you do something from your heart to help another without expecting anything in return and when you see and feel how it has helped them and this rush of loving and "feel good" energy comes over you and is accompanied by goosebumps over the majority of your body.....You can bet this is a message of love and gratitude toward you.

Another lovely and straight forward message through goosebumps is when you are thinking of a loved one who is in spirit (passed on) and you are struck with a heavy case of goosebumps. This would be their love coming through to you, saying "I am here, I see you, I love you, I am with you, or maybe something even more personal.

Other times it can be a challenge to figure it out and even never really knowing the exact message is sometimes the case, but we need not worry about exact message and trying to figure out precisely what each wave of shivers or goosebumps means. We need only to know that we are being guided always and as we become more aware or conscious of when and where and the patterns and feelings that go along with them, that we will grow to better understand in that moment what it is we need to "see".

Goosebumps, chills and other body sensations we experience are ways we are being communicated with in order to guide us to our highest good. They are great indicators that there are higher things at work and you are a part of it, and the more you tune into you bodies sensations and tune into your guidance, the easier it will become to know what exactly what the sensation is trying to represent.

If anyone got goosebumps while reading this, you can bet you were meant to read it !!

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