Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rose Quartz a peaceful, loving stone.

Rose quartz represents unconditional love, not only in general but especially for learning to love yourself.. The rose quartz gently teaches the true meaning or essence of love. It bring peace and calmness to all situations. It gently shows one, how to forgive oneself and opening the doors to forgive others.

Opening the heart chakra, this gemstone reminds you that you are a lovable being who not only deserves to receive love but are capable and encourage you to give your love to others. If we are unable to give and receive love than this stone is the one for the job.

Not only does this wonderfully loving stone have the ability to teach us how to give and receive love but it has the ability to attract love or maintain a loving balance in current relationships.. It promotes peace, love, happeniss and fertility in all relationships including with yourself. If looking to attract love keep this stone close by.

This is a great stone for crisis, trauma, and heartache. The calming, reassuring qualities that emanate from the rose quartz, reassures us that we are loved and strong enough to see our way out of any issues or challenges we are currently facing.

It's ever present energy of pure unconditional love make this stone the perfect addition to help you through any healing process you are faced with.

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