Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What are Bach Flower Remedies ?

Flower remedies are a gentle, natural addition to the remedies you are currently using, to heal with the issues you are currently dealing with. They have the ability to help with everything from paralyzing fears to over excitability, to feelings of rage, depression, jealousy, dependency and grief. As well as many more.

It compliments many other therapies or work great on its own. Because it consists of only flower energy and water ( or alcohol when being preserved ) it can be taken with any existing medications and therapies, and there is need to worry about side effects or contrast to any current medications you are taking.

Administrating it is as simple as placing a couple drops on the tongue, on the skin or mixed with your beverage or food. The benefits come when the energy from the plant is in contact with your energy. Everything is energy and vibrates at a certain frequency. The specific flower remedy you choose will depend on what you are seeking help with. 

For example one of my children take cereto to help with concentration at school and another child of mine takes vervain and impatiens for their symptoms of A.D.H.D. and O.D.D. The vervain helps with impulses and over stimulation  and the impatients help him have the patience for other people and things that would normally cause an undesirable reaction. 

These remedies were created by a man named Dr. Bach. There are a total of 38 remedies in his collections and they cover hundreds of symptoms. They are fantastic at supporting your efforts in making positive changes on your journey of reaching your highest potential. ( which I believe is limitless for every single person on this planet )

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