Thursday, April 11, 2013

Emerald - The heart, health and prosperity.

Emerald is a stone that amplifies all qualities of the color green. Its multi-green tones enhance health, prosperity and the heart. Its enhances all partnerships, relationships and friendships. It is a healer of the heart, which in turn begins the healing process on all levels.

Prosperity is another quality this stone embodies, it has the potential to bring clarity as to where you should place your attention in order to manifest the abundance you are seeking. It bring positive action and intention therefore opening the door for abundance in all good things.

Emerald has the ability to strengthen psychic abilities, opening the third eye and creating a room for wisdom to come forth. When we are guided form a place of wisdom, we can then choose where we want to take action and do it from a place where our intentions are clear and positive, thus bringing prosperity on all levels.

This stone is well known for bringing bliss into all love relationships, as well as bringing into light any unfaithfulness or deceit, but because of its green soothing qualities it can help overcome any sadness from seeing the deceit it has brought to light.

Its  ability to bring on truth and cooperation, makes this stone perfect for people working in a group settings, where working as a team is essential.

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