Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How do people take your energy ?

People can take your energy in many ways.There is a big difference in giving your energy and someone taking it. Some people need a little more energy given toward than than others and that is ok to a point, but there are those who knowingly take more than their share ! These are the ones you have to at least protect yourself and your energy from, if not avoid them all together.

These are the ones who after being in their presence, you feel tired, drained, down, depressed, angry, ill, sad. It's normal for some one to have a "bad" day but we all encounter people that EVERY TIME you've been in their presence you feel worse than before talking to them. This is experienced through telephone calls, emails, texts, even through thought and with everyone from your boss, neighbors, friends, relatives, spouses, coworkers, or even someone you encountered at the park or while grocery shopping.

They are everywhere. The difference between someone having a bad day and needed your help to get through and a chronic energy taker or energy vampire is that, they ALWAYS have something to complain about, need help with, want to argue, are very low energy, never see the good in anything and only want  to unload their problems on anyone one who will listen and never use thee advice they squeeze out of who will listen. They will forever make you at the very least tired to the point of exhausted with every encounter, conversation, or even the thought of them. Few are unaware of what they are doing but most know full well they are taking any energy you are giving them and using it to fill them selves up with.

These people's energy is very low and the ones who are kind enough to listen or help them, are people who have a high energy vibration thus the lower energy will literally suck the higher energies of the other person. Leaving each individual feeling the opposite of what they were feeling before. The happy person is now feeling drained and the lower energy now being filled up by the happy person, now feels energized.

This is not to say that we have to run from or cut ties from every person we can identify as an energy vampire. They too do need some or their share of unconditional love, but protection techniques need to be put into place in order for healthy boundaries not to be crossed.

There are many ways you can protect yourself.
Read this article for tips on how to protect yourself

http://spiritualityinu.blogspot.ca/2014/01/how-to-protect-yourself-from-negative.html and http://spiritualityinu.blogspot.ca/2011/08/do-you-find-some-people-can-drain-your.html

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Feel like you've been stripped down to nothing ?

So here you are trying to do your best, your trying to making all the right changes in order to live a more fulfilling, honorable life and every time you turn around it feels as though you are being kicked while you are down. You find your job less fulfilling, your relationship is becoming rockier as the weeks go by, no one understands you or why you are feeling so overwhelmed. You search for some validation that you truly on the right path.

I am here to tell you that if your feeling as though you are being ripped apart from limb to limb, being stripped right down to your bones as your whole life is being turned upside down and no human in your circle of friends or even your family can even begin to understand, that YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH !!!

When we begin our spiritual journey, which can begin at age 1 up 101 years old and even older, can be extremely challenging !! You are stripped of everything you thought you once knew and begin to rebuild EVERYTHING from your belief system, to you circle of friends, to your career and your perspective on life in general. It is hard work and WELL WORTH IT !!

As you transform your life through transmuting everything from your past into your now present, you can feel like the harder you work at it, the more there is to do. This is normal, normal, normal, did I mention normal ?
We have spent a lot of time getting to where we are and although it does not take as long to redirect and have a good momentum going, it can seem like the challenges will never end. Well they really don't but the good news is after the first year or two things really do calm down and your ability to deal with anything that comes up becomes easier.

The reason we opened our center Spirituality In You was to give everyone a place they can come and find some validation to the total upheaval going on within the first couple years of walking a new path. You can do it, and the little and big, fantastic miracles that happen, will suffice as you go through the initial changes every one goes through. It really is a magnificent journey.

As you begin to see the magik that surrounds you every day, you will feel in your heart that all that hard work rebuilding everything within and out of you, is well worth it !! The spiritual path is one of integrity and honor and when you feel integrity and honor within you, life is good !! Find support. Social sites are good on some level, face book, linked in, twitter and many others. You can find like minded people when you search.

You may feel stripped of everything and exhausted by all means but KEEP GOING, there really is LIGHT AT THE END OF THAT TUNNEL !! YOU CAN DO IT !!!!

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How to protect yourself from Negative people.

We have all experienced those who drain us, leave us feeling tired, irritable or down right miserable. You have the ability to protect yourself from such people and it can be a simple as uttering a few words to more detailed actions such as affirmations, the use of crystals/gemstone, or even smudging. For some, especially those who have the gift of empathy or clairsentience ( the ability to feel what another is feeling, whether in direct contact or not ) protection techniques are essential.

Prevention is always better than cleaning up the aftermath, so if you know you are heading into a challenging situation, or going to be in the company of negative, pessimistic, or  personalities, then prevent...       

Two simple sentences that work immediately are

1. "Surround me with the white light of the Holy Spirit".....this creates an instant bubble of protection

2. If you are in the middle of a negative situation or just left and feel unclear, foggy, irritated, or drained you can say " I only want to feel what is mine right now !! " Mean what you say and trust that it is done !

You will feel an immediate shift in your energy. You should feel lighter or clearer.

Carrying crystals and gemstones are great for this too and there is an endless section to choose from. You can just carry the stone with you or you can can wear it in jewelry. The idea is the crystal will absorb or clear or reflect the negative energy as to protect it from reaching you and causing any turbulence.There are many crystals that help in this department, including hematite, jasper, smoky quartz, onyx, obsidian, and apache tear to name a few.

Another option is smudging, this works well to prevent but is the best solution if a negative encounter has already taken place. Lighting white sage, cedar, frankincense or other clearing herbs will clear you of any residual negative or heavy unwanted energy. The smoke from these and other herbs or resins will leave you feeling much lighter.

Always remember in a pinch and for a quick reliable protective field just ask !! There is no magik words, just ask for instant protection from all negativity and it will be done. If you have already picked up some negativity then state in a loving but commanding way you wish to only feel what is yours....right now !!!

It's easy to be drained by another but when you know the tools you can easily protect yourself too !!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

What do crystals/gemstones do spiritually ?

Crystals and gemstones bring a desired quality or energy frequency into your energy field. They offer a boost of energy in specific or even general areas in your life. Each crystal has a unique energy vibration,as does everything.

Now keep in mind scientists agree EVERYTHING is made up of energy and all energy vibrates at certain frequencies.......therefore having a specific gemstone within your energy field, the crystals energy vibration will affect your energy vibration. It will gently create a synergy. ( a new energy created from the combination of your energy and the crystals )

This synergy is created from having a new energy come within your field. Now that being said there is an endless list of crystals, gemstones and their qualities, properties or attributes. This is convenient as we humans and all living creatures have many different ailments, that could use the help of crystals. Everything from depression, and anxiety to fatigue and aggression can be affected by a crystals energy. It doesn't take the job over for us, it just gives us a gentle shift in energy which helps create the desired effects we are looking for.

Crystals can change the energy field not only around us but around your home, office, objects or even outdoor space. Where ever crystals are, they are affecting the energy around. You can use their help with almost anything. There are many types with a variety of qualities and properties that cover anything we may need help with. They do anything we need them to do, providing we have a spark of belief ( and I feel they work even if you don't believe ) but none the less they change the energy where ever they be.

Crystals just be and by just being, they change everything !!

I guess we could learn a few things from crystals eh ?

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Don't worry about failing, worry about...not trying

What is failing but the need to try again. We have all had to do something more than once and on even more occasions had to do it over and over in order to become skilled with the task at hand. Failing is reality. Many of us failed at our first attempt ride a bike and the first time we wrote the alphabet, was more than likely not the prettiest site to be seen, but we TRIED and after many attempts of "failing" we became skilled and became successful in reaching our goal.

If we didn't try for fear of failing Life would be safe. At least in a sense it would be safe because we really came here to experience, and BE who we were meant to be and many of us, whether we want to believe it or not really live by other people standards, by what they think other people will say or feel about them. This really is not safe as people and societies standards are always changing and you will have to move from your comfort zone regardless.

We must stop chasing societies, our parents, grandparents, friends even our children's approval if we want to find real peace within  our lives. We must start carrying out our own dreams, feelings and callings. We need to not care if we fail as it is part of growth and learning. So what if we fail, we just try again, only this time we are smarter as we will take what we have learned when we failed and adjust it accordingly in hopes of better results.The only worry you have is NOT trying, as what calls you will continue calling until you answer. It was our mission. Our mission to carry out who and what we came here to be and do. It was part of a bigger plan.

Usually what calls you, feels much bigger than what you think you are then fear keeps us from reaching. Well it's time to reach and reach high. Failing is only another opportunity to get better remembering to give yourself no excuses. Know that it takes hard work, but when following your dream it does not feel like work, it feels like a blessing as little miracles will come along when you least expect it to show you that you are on the right path, that things will be ok.

You came here to fail and get up and do it better and smarter next time. Practice, hard work, dedication and the LOVE for what you are trying is what will make your failures your greatest asset and in time your greatest success story.

BE YOU !!  FAIL, FALL, GET UP AND TRY AGAIN !! BUT IN THE END BE WHO YOU CAME HERE TO BE AND DO WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO AND EXPECT NO ONE TO UNDERSTAND !!. If it is in your heart than follow it BUT PLEASE DO REMAIN KIND TO THOSE AROUND YOU. If they don't understand and lots wont just limit communication or keep your ideas on the down low for a while, but commit to being you no matter what !!! YOU CAN DO IT !!

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