Monday, January 27, 2014

What do crystals/gemstones do spiritually ?

Crystals and gemstones bring a desired quality or energy frequency into your energy field. They offer a boost of energy in specific or even general areas in your life. Each crystal has a unique energy vibration,as does everything.

Now keep in mind scientists agree EVERYTHING is made up of energy and all energy vibrates at certain frequencies.......therefore having a specific gemstone within your energy field, the crystals energy vibration will affect your energy vibration. It will gently create a synergy. ( a new energy created from the combination of your energy and the crystals )

This synergy is created from having a new energy come within your field. Now that being said there is an endless list of crystals, gemstones and their qualities, properties or attributes. This is convenient as we humans and all living creatures have many different ailments, that could use the help of crystals. Everything from depression, and anxiety to fatigue and aggression can be affected by a crystals energy. It doesn't take the job over for us, it just gives us a gentle shift in energy which helps create the desired effects we are looking for.

Crystals can change the energy field not only around us but around your home, office, objects or even outdoor space. Where ever crystals are, they are affecting the energy around. You can use their help with almost anything. There are many types with a variety of qualities and properties that cover anything we may need help with. They do anything we need them to do, providing we have a spark of belief ( and I feel they work even if you don't believe ) but none the less they change the energy where ever they be.

Crystals just be and by just being, they change everything !!

I guess we could learn a few things from crystals eh ?

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  1. Just started my crystal connection, gonna get some more for sure!