Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Feel like you've been stripped down to nothing ?

So here you are trying to do your best, your trying to making all the right changes in order to live a more fulfilling, honorable life and every time you turn around it feels as though you are being kicked while you are down. You find your job less fulfilling, your relationship is becoming rockier as the weeks go by, no one understands you or why you are feeling so overwhelmed. You search for some validation that you truly on the right path.

I am here to tell you that if your feeling as though you are being ripped apart from limb to limb, being stripped right down to your bones as your whole life is being turned upside down and no human in your circle of friends or even your family can even begin to understand, that YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH !!!

When we begin our spiritual journey, which can begin at age 1 up 101 years old and even older, can be extremely challenging !! You are stripped of everything you thought you once knew and begin to rebuild EVERYTHING from your belief system, to you circle of friends, to your career and your perspective on life in general. It is hard work and WELL WORTH IT !!

As you transform your life through transmuting everything from your past into your now present, you can feel like the harder you work at it, the more there is to do. This is normal, normal, normal, did I mention normal ?
We have spent a lot of time getting to where we are and although it does not take as long to redirect and have a good momentum going, it can seem like the challenges will never end. Well they really don't but the good news is after the first year or two things really do calm down and your ability to deal with anything that comes up becomes easier.

The reason we opened our center Spirituality In You was to give everyone a place they can come and find some validation to the total upheaval going on within the first couple years of walking a new path. You can do it, and the little and big, fantastic miracles that happen, will suffice as you go through the initial changes every one goes through. It really is a magnificent journey.

As you begin to see the magik that surrounds you every day, you will feel in your heart that all that hard work rebuilding everything within and out of you, is well worth it !! The spiritual path is one of integrity and honor and when you feel integrity and honor within you, life is good !! Find support. Social sites are good on some level, face book, linked in, twitter and many others. You can find like minded people when you search.

You may feel stripped of everything and exhausted by all means but KEEP GOING, there really is LIGHT AT THE END OF THAT TUNNEL !! YOU CAN DO IT !!!!

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