Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How do people take your energy ?

People can take your energy in many ways.There is a big difference in giving your energy and someone taking it. Some people need a little more energy given toward than than others and that is ok to a point, but there are those who knowingly take more than their share ! These are the ones you have to at least protect yourself and your energy from, if not avoid them all together.

These are the ones who after being in their presence, you feel tired, drained, down, depressed, angry, ill, sad. It's normal for some one to have a "bad" day but we all encounter people that EVERY TIME you've been in their presence you feel worse than before talking to them. This is experienced through telephone calls, emails, texts, even through thought and with everyone from your boss, neighbors, friends, relatives, spouses, coworkers, or even someone you encountered at the park or while grocery shopping.

They are everywhere. The difference between someone having a bad day and needed your help to get through and a chronic energy taker or energy vampire is that, they ALWAYS have something to complain about, need help with, want to argue, are very low energy, never see the good in anything and only want  to unload their problems on anyone one who will listen and never use thee advice they squeeze out of who will listen. They will forever make you at the very least tired to the point of exhausted with every encounter, conversation, or even the thought of them. Few are unaware of what they are doing but most know full well they are taking any energy you are giving them and using it to fill them selves up with.

These people's energy is very low and the ones who are kind enough to listen or help them, are people who have a high energy vibration thus the lower energy will literally suck the higher energies of the other person. Leaving each individual feeling the opposite of what they were feeling before. The happy person is now feeling drained and the lower energy now being filled up by the happy person, now feels energized.

This is not to say that we have to run from or cut ties from every person we can identify as an energy vampire. They too do need some or their share of unconditional love, but protection techniques need to be put into place in order for healthy boundaries not to be crossed.

There are many ways you can protect yourself.
Read this article for tips on how to protect yourself

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