Friday, February 21, 2014

Salt Lamps - What do they do ?

Salt lamps are another great addition to your bedroom, office, home or any space that you are looking to create a more natural clear environment. Any where can benefit from a salt lamp, but especially anywhere you have electronic appliances or devices. Items such as t.v., computers, phone, fax, lamps, microwaves and florescent lights emit positive ions.

Ions are something we all have, both positive and negative. They are everywhere. We should have a fairly balanced amount of each, but more often than not we are lacking negative ions and have too many positive ions. Having too many positive ions in our system can create a variety of symptoms such as aches and pains in joints and muscles, tiredness, depression, low energy, headaches, moodiness, sleep quality and respiratory issues.

When you bring a salt lamp into a space it will immediately start releasing negative ions. Leaving your lamp on increases the level of ions being released as the salt is warmed. In doing this you not only will balance the ions, but you will feel more energized, there will be less allergens, it will reduce the effects of S.A.D., serotonin levels will increase, metal alertness will improve, pain in joints and muscles will improve along with improved sleep and easier breathing.

Salt lamps are safe and easy to use. There is no maintenance and no special bulbs are needed. Just place one any where the air is being polluted with too many positive ion, or where you spend a good amount of your time, plug it in and forget about it !! It's as simple as that !!

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