Monday, January 27, 2014

Don't worry about failing, worry about...not trying

What is failing but the need to try again. We have all had to do something more than once and on even more occasions had to do it over and over in order to become skilled with the task at hand. Failing is reality. Many of us failed at our first attempt ride a bike and the first time we wrote the alphabet, was more than likely not the prettiest site to be seen, but we TRIED and after many attempts of "failing" we became skilled and became successful in reaching our goal.

If we didn't try for fear of failing Life would be safe. At least in a sense it would be safe because we really came here to experience, and BE who we were meant to be and many of us, whether we want to believe it or not really live by other people standards, by what they think other people will say or feel about them. This really is not safe as people and societies standards are always changing and you will have to move from your comfort zone regardless.

We must stop chasing societies, our parents, grandparents, friends even our children's approval if we want to find real peace within  our lives. We must start carrying out our own dreams, feelings and callings. We need to not care if we fail as it is part of growth and learning. So what if we fail, we just try again, only this time we are smarter as we will take what we have learned when we failed and adjust it accordingly in hopes of better results.The only worry you have is NOT trying, as what calls you will continue calling until you answer. It was our mission. Our mission to carry out who and what we came here to be and do. It was part of a bigger plan.

Usually what calls you, feels much bigger than what you think you are then fear keeps us from reaching. Well it's time to reach and reach high. Failing is only another opportunity to get better remembering to give yourself no excuses. Know that it takes hard work, but when following your dream it does not feel like work, it feels like a blessing as little miracles will come along when you least expect it to show you that you are on the right path, that things will be ok.

You came here to fail and get up and do it better and smarter next time. Practice, hard work, dedication and the LOVE for what you are trying is what will make your failures your greatest asset and in time your greatest success story.

BE YOU !!  FAIL, FALL, GET UP AND TRY AGAIN !! BUT IN THE END BE WHO YOU CAME HERE TO BE AND DO WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO AND EXPECT NO ONE TO UNDERSTAND !!. If it is in your heart than follow it BUT PLEASE DO REMAIN KIND TO THOSE AROUND YOU. If they don't understand and lots wont just limit communication or keep your ideas on the down low for a while, but commit to being you no matter what !!! YOU CAN DO IT !!

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