Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How to protect yourself from Negative people.

We have all experienced those who drain us, leave us feeling tired, irritable or down right miserable. You have the ability to protect yourself from such people and it can be a simple as uttering a few words to more detailed actions such as affirmations, the use of crystals/gemstone, or even smudging. For some, especially those who have the gift of empathy or clairsentience ( the ability to feel what another is feeling, whether in direct contact or not ) protection techniques are essential.

Prevention is always better than cleaning up the aftermath, so if you know you are heading into a challenging situation, or going to be in the company of negative, pessimistic, or  personalities, then prevent...       

Two simple sentences that work immediately are

1. "Surround me with the white light of the Holy Spirit".....this creates an instant bubble of protection

2. If you are in the middle of a negative situation or just left and feel unclear, foggy, irritated, or drained you can say " I only want to feel what is mine right now !! " Mean what you say and trust that it is done !

You will feel an immediate shift in your energy. You should feel lighter or clearer.

Carrying crystals and gemstones are great for this too and there is an endless section to choose from. You can just carry the stone with you or you can can wear it in jewelry. The idea is the crystal will absorb or clear or reflect the negative energy as to protect it from reaching you and causing any turbulence.There are many crystals that help in this department, including hematite, jasper, smoky quartz, onyx, obsidian, and apache tear to name a few.

Another option is smudging, this works well to prevent but is the best solution if a negative encounter has already taken place. Lighting white sage, cedar, frankincense or other clearing herbs will clear you of any residual negative or heavy unwanted energy. The smoke from these and other herbs or resins will leave you feeling much lighter.

Always remember in a pinch and for a quick reliable protective field just ask !! There is no magik words, just ask for instant protection from all negativity and it will be done. If you have already picked up some negativity then state in a loving but commanding way you wish to only feel what is yours....right now !!!

It's easy to be drained by another but when you know the tools you can easily protect yourself too !!

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