Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Goosebumps, shivers, chills suddenly, is your inner guidance coming through !

When we receive a case of goosebumps, right there in that moment you are being given a message or guidance. Whatever you were doing or thinking, or saying, or whomever you you speaking with or standing near, what ever brought on the goosebumps, there is guidance being given.

When something is significant and there is a chance you may not see the importance, your inner self, higher self, universe, which ever you may call, is sending you a physical sensation in hopes that you will recognize that what ever brought on your goosebumps has a significance and to become conscious to what it might be.

Some times knowing what the message is trying to tell you is obvious, like when you do something from your heart to help another without expecting anything in return and when you see and feel how it has helped them and this rush of loving and "feel good" energy comes over you and is accompanied by goosebumps over the majority of your body.....You can bet this is a message of love and gratitude toward you.

Another lovely and straight forward message through goosebumps is when you are thinking of a loved one who is in spirit (passed on) and you are struck with a heavy case of goosebumps. This would be their love coming through to you, saying "I am here, I see you, I love you, I am with you, or maybe something even more personal.

Other times it can be a challenge to figure it out and even never really knowing the exact message is sometimes the case, but we need not worry about exact message and trying to figure out precisely what each wave of shivers or goosebumps means. We need only to know that we are being guided always and as we become more aware or conscious of when and where and the patterns and feelings that go along with them, that we will grow to better understand in that moment what it is we need to "see".

Goosebumps, chills and other body sensations we experience are ways we are being communicated with in order to guide us to our highest good. They are great indicators that there are higher things at work and you are a part of it, and the more you tune into you bodies sensations and tune into your guidance, the easier it will become to know what exactly what the sensation is trying to represent.

If anyone got goosebumps while reading this, you can bet you were meant to read it !!

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