Monday, April 8, 2013

We love you soul brothers.

Why can't they see or feel that it is pure
from heart, from soul, from a place of love ?
A love that is love and not of ego.
Why cant they see it is not material or physical ?
That it is spiritual and emotional, from the source.
Too many experiences, too few teaching.
So frustrated with the lack of understanding.
I do not wish to be misunderstood when my love is given !
It is pure love not in love love, it is soul love.
For if you breath, you are my brother or sister.
We are all one and it is this one love I give.
Do not mistaken it for listening to your ego.
I am not better than or less than I am equal.
As is my love, Still learning I am.
but practicing all the same.
My heart is sad for my brothers
Where their heart lye in ego and fear.
To not accept unconditional love.
To see their earth sisters love as attachment.
soo sad soooo damn sad.
Wake up. Wake up and accept unconditional love.
From source, do not accept fear.
My heart goes out to all my soul family,
but my brothers need more, too many have been taught
wrong and need to know love again.
They need to know what love is.
That it comes from inside, within.
A place where few are strong enough to look.
But more are looking.
LOOK now is the time. So much of it
saddens me to see pain in my brothers.
They need Love.The compassion
to be told it is ok.
It is ok to receive love and give love,
to cry tears of joy and sadness.
Why this connection ? I keep searching
to understand but need more understanding.
I need clarity as to where to help in their suffering.
I love them, them all. All, wake up !
Wake up all my brothers and sisters
It is ok now, to remember who and what we are.
Wake up and wake up others.
Love one another , help one another.
We are all from the same source of love and creation.
My heart cries out to stop and remember to love all.
Although at times we must walk alone,
we are NEVER alone, for we are all ONE !

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