Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lepidolite - useful in personality and behavior challenges.

This unique looking stone aids in a variety of challenging behaviors we all have faced at one time or another to varying degrees. Because it naturally contains lithium it helps sooth the symptoms of mood swings, addictions  bi polar, anorexia and other "disorders.". It's qualities also include the reduction of stress and dependency.

Lepidolite stimulates concentration and focus on what it is we are currently working on. Helps with filtering outside distractions, speeding up the decision making process.

This stone has the strong ability to clear electromagnetic smog or pollution. As many people are bothered by the energy emitted from electric devices such as computers, cell phones and microwave, placing this stone on or near these items when using them will absorb the bothersome energy.

Lepidolite is a great stone for the higher chakras; crown, third eye and throat. Helping one to speak their truth and making good on it as well as opening your mind to journeys through the practice of meditation.

This stone promotes love and peace as well as protection, providing great strength when needed, and being used for it's highest good.

Lepidolite helps with joint problems, insomnia, allergies, menopause and epilepsy and symptoms of alzheimers.

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