Sunday, June 24, 2012

Anyone can heal with energy !!

Anyone can heal the self and others, anyone. We all have the ability to heal ourselves and others. No one is exempt from this. We all have access to the same wonderful healing source, and there are many ways to express it towards others. You see when one performs a healing on another, it is not the healers energy, per say, that is doing the healing, It is the great all loving Divine Source, that is sending the energy through us, to the recipient. We are only the channel through which Spirit is sending healing energy.

There are endless form of energy healing now being brought into the light of the general public, and it is only in recent years the general public is starting to realize the benefits to this type of healing. Both healers and individuals looking for healing are loved unconditionally by Spirit and everyone is eligible to either heal or be healed. It is a birth right we were given when we came into this life and let no one tell you different.
Reiki, Shiatsu. Reflexology, Acupuncture, Healing touch, Crystal healing....these are only a few of the types of healing that are really coming to the forefront of medicine.

These types of healing can be taught through a course or class, but you can help to heal another simply with your thoughts, prayers, or intentions. Spirit is waiting for us to ask for our abilities to be remembered and activated. Spirit wants us to heal ourselves and as many others as we can.

Many believe we have to be completely healed before we can offer healing to another, this is not necessarily true. We help heal others when we begin to heal ourselves and as we heal ourselves our ability to be the channel in which spirit sends healing energy through becomes stronger and more profound.

Remembering it is Gods will to heal another and there are cases when others cannot be returned to full complete physical restoration and we have to understand in our hearts, there are sometimes karmic debts these people are balancing or their lessons in this life are to live with certain conditions or challenges. This does not meant to not offer them a healing because all healing given will be received to some degree.

Although the other person may not be returned to "full" health, they may experience a day where their symptoms are better for a few days or an aspect of their illness is lifted and relief is given to the recipient.
We can all heal. Start with yourself and let it spread to everyone you can. The world and everything on it, is counting on it.

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  1. Nice long as there is the energy with the positive vibes it can do the wonders.