Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Doing the right thing, can seem so painful.

Doing the right thing includes anything that you know or feel is the right thing to do. It is knowing your intention are good and pure and that once you have done what you need to, there may be some residual emotions that are left to deal with.

These residual emotions can seem very painful to deal with and you may question if what you did was really the right thing. Only time can answer that for sure but if you thought about your decision prior and your intentions were from the heart, you can be sure the likely hood of your decision being a wrong one very small and even if it was you will be given a door way to an opportunity to choose differently next time.

Doing the right thing may require you doing something to cause another what seems to be pain or something negative. One of the hardest things we can do, when on a spiritual path is to cause another any harm or painful experiences.

 Example.... if someone we care about is doing something that may harm themselves or another another, such as drinking and driving, having thoughts of causing intention harm to ones self or someone else, a friend in an unfaithful relationship where one partner is not aware, where a child's welfare is at risk, anything where we truly feel the need to step in because we can help create an outcome that is better than the situation is presently.

We are left feeling like we have to do something or notify someone but are also left feeling the guilt of knowing that if we do, we are opening a can of worms for the people involved that will create a great emotional earth quake, that although probably needed but not necessarily emotionally prepared for.....

We may also know that if we do not step in or speak up someone could potentially be severely harmed emotionally or physically. This is one area where doing the right thing can seem difficult, emotionally and mentally, but none the less the right thing, is the right thing. So be proud in the fact that you are strong enough to do what needs to be done when many others would turn the other cheek.

Another example are circumstances where we must leave someone or no longer associate with someone who is affecting your energy or happiness on a regular basis. This may be intentional or unintentional but you may have tried everything to rectify or fix the issues but in the end it is no longer healthy to continue the relationship. Doing the right thing for you, may cause some emotional upset in the other party and yourself as well but does not mean moving on from that situation was the wrong choice.

Putting a beloved pet to rest, one of the hardest yet most compassionate thing we may find ourselves doing. This can cause many people heartache wondering if it the right thing to do, and even if you know it is, more than likely there is still pain involved.

Doing the right thing, is the right thing to do, just acknowledge your feelings associated with it and let them surface in order to be released and healed. Cry, Sleep, Feel you anger, Stomp your feet, Ask why ?, Feel your sadness, Do whatever you need to do to release your anxieties over the outcome of your " doing the right thing ".

But hold dear to your heart that you, DID the right thing, by DOING the right thing. Feel good about that !!

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