Thursday, June 7, 2012

Purging your emotions.

Have you ever had a week or two or even just a few days where you found yourself extremely emotional, crying, exhausted, sore, irritable, where everything that was said to you made you upset to the point where you just wanted to left alone ? Where even though nothing major or traumatic has happened but it seems as though your world is falling apart and you just can't seem to get grounded or find reason for the way you are feeling ?

You may be going through a type of purging. You may be going through a period of releasing old past emotions or experiences. When we are consciously trying to heal ourselves and understand that the surfacing of past experiences is necessary in order to release and heal them, this purging of emotion is a great thing. Something to be grateful for. You may never really know exactly what it was you were releasing but you can bet once it has past you will feel better...lighter than you did before.

While emotionally purging allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling and give yourself full permission to cry whenever you feel the need. This is how most of our past pain is released. Take extra care to try and eat healthy foods, even if only in small amounts. Herbal teas are good for this to, many of them have cleansing properties that help in cleaning out whatever you are releasing. Baths with candles and essential oils are also good for this. Most of all ask for Spirit help. They can sooth you in your deepest moments, speed up your purge and possibly even help you understand what you are feeling. Spirit loves you and wants you to heal and this is the reason behind your feelings of despair.

Be grateful for this healing as hard as it may feel because the pay off is you no longer are carrying those emotion within and you never will again. Once you are feeling back to yourself you should notice a change in yourself, one of lightness or raised vibration. If you notice this thank Spirit for the opportunity of releasing old energy and relish in you new found lightness. I should mention purging is not a one time thing, it can happen many times over your lifetime, some are longer than others and some seem more difficult but no matter, if your intention is to heal then the release of these old emotions is essential for your journey.

Welcome these periods and try to remain as positive as possible as when they pass you will feel better than you did before. Blessed be !!

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