Sunday, June 17, 2012

Visualization !!

Any one can use visualization for endless purposes. It is nothing more than using your imagination. or thoughts with a little something added....... You must feel the emotions that you would feel, if what you visualize came to be. Really feel what you would feel as you visualize what you want.

The more you visualize it and the more emotion you feel while doing so, the stronger your intention and the harder the universe will work to provide. The universe will manifest opportunities that will lead you to manifesting what you are visualizing, so long as you pay attention and follow the guidance you are given to obtain what you visualize.

This takes time and you will have to keep your thoughts or visualization strong in your mind, and your emotions positive and your attention at full capacity, for you will be responsible for recognizing your guidance or signs as to what actions you must take to move your idea along.

If it is a better job you wish for, then focus on that new job. Feel what you would feel if you worked there now. Picture yourself working there in your mind. Pay attention to any signs Spirit might give as to what direction you need to move in. If you wish for better health then focus your mind on what it would look and feel like if your health is where you wanted it to be. Think about it often and know that it is already on it's way !

Visualizing where you want to be, see yourself doing it, feel the emotions you would feel while your doing, do the work your guided to do and have complete faith that if it is in your best interest, than it will manifest it's self in due time.

Remember to always be watchful for opportunities when they present themselves and be prepared to work HARD to reach your goal. You will reach it providing you know you will and do the work needed once you see opportunities to do so.

Remember we don't always know what is best for us, so keep in mind if Spirit or the Universe sees something better for you They will provide it. So be open to what you visualize to be slightly different than what you expected, but no worries, Spirit knows what you want and will do everything they can do to provide it and even better.

Put your heart into it and your heart will create it.

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