Thursday, June 7, 2012

Be impeccable with your words.

So to be impeccable with your words seems easy enough.... right ? well think again. To be 100% conscious of everything that comes out through words and being aware of the energy and intentions behind it, takes not only practice but self awareness. This is something you may not even now you are lacking at the time and therefor do not understand the ramifications it causes towards another.

Becoming impeccable with your words is a skill, and one that you should not be hard on yourself when first becoming conscious that your words may not only have been impeccable but down right not nice. Remembering it's not just about words it's the thoughts , feelings, intentions and energy put before them. No need to wast time fretting over your past mistakes, or way of doing something just see them for what they are.... parts of yourself that need attention.

To be impeccable with your words means to be in balance with yourself. To know what one says to another can carry long term effects, for both or all parties involved. If you are in balance with who you are and what your intention are, you will find no need to be anything but impeccable with words. To speak kindly and compassionately with another, especially when you feel you have been wronged by the other is a difficult task, even for the highly enlightened. It does not come naturally to people once they have been conditioned through schools, religion, government, society to be kind.

So many people do not have the skill to speak their truth whilst still remaining calm and compassionate when very upset. We have learned to find valid reasons for our unkind behavior. Excuses. In order to heal ones self we must look at why we would be anything less then impeccable in how we speak to others. Especially to those who have hurt us in the past and those who are causing us pain presently. We must find within our hearts to see these people as people who are in pain themselves. No one would ever hurt another if they we not suffering and keep in mind this does not excuse their behavior any more than your behavior is excused.

This is where you can begin to understand that if you are less then impeccable with your words because in some way you are in pain or suffering.... then the one who caused you this pain is also suffering and more than likely deeper than your, their suffering can be helped with your compassion, Yes your compassion.

Here is one of my favorite thoughts......The more unkind, mean, judgmental, negative the person, the more love and understanding they need !! Be impeccable with how you treat them. Don't stay around so they can continue to hurt you but send them your love and do not react to their behavior. Thank them for the opportunity to learn compassion and unconditional love. Take what lesson you have learned from challenging people or experiences and thank them for it. Whether aware of it not, they have taught you a great deal of lessons. You just have to look for them.

You will be tested with people and experiences and you have the ability within you to handle all situations impeccably, through understanding we are all on a journey of healing.

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