Monday, May 28, 2012

Light Workers come in all forms.

Many people are becoming aware of their life purpose of being a light worker. Light workers work with light in endless ways but the underlying theme is to heal and serve humanity. Working with light leaves you with endless way of serving others on their journey. Light can be given to others directly or indirectly, in person or sent across the world. Light travels, remains and is felt by whom ever the light is sent to.

Light workers heal. They heal anything and everything that could possibly need healing and they usually excel in one or two particular areas. It could be healing the elderly through being a dependable friend, could be your empath abilities and being able to feel what others feel better understanding what they need, could be an ability to communicate with animals or nature, could be their unboundable loving energy they seem to beam everywhere they go, improving the mood of everyone around them. The jobs of the light workers are endless and there is always room for anyone who wants a life of helping others and mother earth.

Light workers can focus the healing of themselves and others through reiki, reflexology, shiatsu, healing touch and many other categorized forms of healing. This healing is done by Spirit's healing energy being send through the giver and being passed on to the receiver by either placing the hands over the body or touching specific points throughout the body. This form of working with light is beneficial to all and only requires a small amount of training to sharpen the skill that is already carried within you.

Light workers can be teachers, councilors, nurses, volunteers, environmentalists, animal rights advocates, and many other positions that require their assistance as influential roles models. These light workers spread light to their clients, patients, students, mother earth, and anyone who comes to them for assistance. They can provide a level of healing to others by just being in their presence and more so when their services, assistance, teaching, counseling, or compassion is received by the other.

Light workers can be your neighbour who always waves and smiles at you, leaving you feeling just a little better than you did before their greeting. They can be that teller at the bank you look forward to catching up with in that three minutes you have while doing your banking because they always greet you warmly leaving you feeling just a little lighter than before your trip to the bank. They can be that single mother on social assistance who provides their home to the neighbourhood children to play in, rather than having them play on the streets. It can even be the homeless man down the street, who agreed to come to this earth and live in poverty, even if only a few of us, will see his sacrifice and take notice he is here so we may be more thankful for what we have and less concerned with what we don't have.

Light workers just want to help and although not all light workers are aware or awaken to their true calling yet, they are feeling the call and will soon all be awoken to their ability to shine on everything. Light working can be done by anyone who truly and sincerely wants to help others. If this describes you than you can bet you are a light worker. Over the next while the number of light workers will double and triple, until we realize we are all light workers that posses healing abilities as grand as the mind an imagine.

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