Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love some one who's difficult to be around ?

We all have at least one friend who is difficult to be around. This can mean many different things, many behaviours, personality traits, and energies that can be challenging to be around, especially if your sensitive, clairsentient or an empath ( can feel what others are feeling, literally as if you were going through their experience ). Caring about these friends, family members, neighbours or co workers can come naturally and shutting off your caring sonar is impossible for most.

So how do you balance wanting to help some one but can feel terrible after spending time with them ? You do more of your helping from behind the scenes. This is powerful medicine and it always works !. Send them your unconditional loving thoughts. Think only of their good qualities, think of them in perfect health - body, mind and soul. See them surrounded in loving, healing, divine light. Ask for them to be protected from negative energies that do not serve there greater good.

Try not to feel sorry for them as this will not serve them in a positive way. Know that what you send to them through thought and intention, that what you ask for is received by spirit and will be answered and on some level. Your friend will feel this, even if only on a soul level. You can do this every day, two times, five times, ten times, whenever you feel it is necessary or think it would benefit them.

When you find yourself feeling less than enthusiastic when in the presence of particular people and use the energy healing medicine, there will probably still be times when your physical presence is necessary, so be sure to protect yourself from the unhealthy exchange of energy between the two of you. Surround yourself with with the white light of the Holy Spirit with the intention of it protecting your energy.

When some one who is happy and calming is around some one who is negative and pessimistic, the very different energy vibration can be very unbalancing. The happy person's energy will vibrate on a higher level than the negative person, who's energy will vibrate lower. The person who is negative will feel better in the presence of the happy person because they are literally sucking the happy persons energy. This is usually not done on purpose.... it happens naturally. This leaves the happy person drained by the end of the visit, while the negative person feel great for a short while until the happy persons energy they unknowingly took, is used up.

To avoid this, and have more balanced visits with your hard to be around loved ones, protect yourself by surrounding yourself with protective light or energy ( you only need to think or say this and it will be so !! ) Crystals and gem stones and help with this as well. But if all else fails.... Send them your loving thoughts, this works just as well and sometimes even better !!!!

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