Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What is propaganda ?

Propaganda is a form of controlling the mass by creating fear and dependency, and it is done mostly through the media. It keeps the masses or the population at large living in constant fear of everything from war, drugs, disease outbreaks, food epidemics, the next natural disaster, financial debt, violence, terrorism, vaccinations, childhood disorders, lack of everything, insurance for everything, prepare for the next disaster, emergency, or crisis.

It is a way for those in control to keep you looking to them for protection and safety. It keeps you dependent on their resources and information, unfortunately their resources and information lack truth and don't teach who we truly are and how to become enlightened beings. The information we receive from them can be referred to as propaganda.

The media in the form of news stations, news papers, tabloids, television shows, billboards and other media sources that are owned by the government and other major corporations (which is about 90 %) feed us fear every chance they get because this keeps our vibration low and keeps us from knowing none of it is to be feared. When our vibration remains low we do not become empowered, we remain slaves and dependent on outside resources rather than going within to see that all is in perfect order.

Enlightenment comes when we release fear, empowerment comes when we no longer look to others for what is going on in the world, besides why go to a source that tells us only what benefits them.

The truth lies within, not on your television or news paper. Propaganda lies within your television and news paper. It is used everyday to keep you concentrating on the negative, keeping you busy preparing for the next disaster and worrying about all the "bad'' things that are happening and what could happen. Propaganda can only work if enough people buy what they are trying to sell. If lies is what your looking for, turn to your local news if it's the truth that you want turn within.

Help to raise earths vibration and stop believing or even listening to the lies the media willingly tells us, knowing it effects the general population in a negative way. Turn off the news and tune into yourself. It will help not only you but literally every soul here on earth and beyond.

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