Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to make a medicine bag and what to put in it.

A medicine bag is a small deer hide or leather pouch worn around the neck that contains items that are sacred to you or hold healing qualities for you and enhance your abilities to heal others. Medicine bags have been used for centuries by shamans, native healers and by many other cultures. These healing bags are intended to amplify your natural healing powers and other sacred powers you hold.

What you place in your medicine bag depends on what you have come across on your spiritual journey that has helped you or guided you toward your own personal healing. Whether it be a feather you picked up along the way, a herb that has helped to heal many times in your past, or a healing crystal that was given to you, you can put what ever holds a special place in bring out your strength, courage and healing.

A medicine bag is whatever you make it. There are no rules or set way of doing it. It is what you intend it to be. Your pouch does not have to be made of deer hide and you do not have to wear it around your neck, you don't have to even call it a medicine bag. You can wear it every day or once a year.

If you feel you are being called to make a medicine bag don't worry about doing it right or wrong, it is what holds special meaning for you. A medicine bag is like making an alter, you put o it what you feel helped or helps you when you need it. It reminds you of where you have been, where you are presently and where you want to be and gives reminders or what challenges you have overcome and your ability to overcome any future challenges.

Common items people place in their medicine bags are good luck, rocks, plants, herbs, crystals, feathers, charms, jewelry pieces, symbols, coins, animal medicines, and anything else that has served them on their spiritual journey. If you choose to create your own medicine bag, know that you will more than likely be adding to it over the years, so you may not want to fill it up right away, but if you do that is okay too because there is no rule saying you can't have two ;)

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