Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Think and Speak differently !!!!

This is the time where thinking and speaking and the power they hold will come to full light, whether conscious of it or not. Those who are conscious of the power thoughts and words carry, will see great manifestations in the coming years. Manifestations that are mostly created through the thoughts, words, actions, and intention the put forth over the past weeks, months, and years.

Those not fully awaken to power of thoughts, words, actions, and intentions will find what manifests for them may not be the peace and abundance they occasionally spend time wishing they had. Those unconsciously sending out thought and word patterns that emphasis the lack in their life will repeatedly receive the lack they spend the majority of their time focusing on.

You see, what you think about, speak about, and how you feel about it and focus on it, is what you will manifest for yourself. If you are not focusing on the positive, you will not create the potential positive outcomes you wish for.

You can not hope that things will work out in a particular situation, yet repeatedly think, say and feel that it will not, Telling others about your situation in a manner that is stating things will turn out for the worse, will more than likely create the situation to turn out less positive than it could have.

If you find yourself saying things such as, I am broke, I don't have enough money, these kind of things always happen to me, nothing ever works out, everything is always difficult for me, I never get what I want, life is not fair, people always screw me over, I never win at anything. If you say or think any of these things than this is what you will create more of.

The universe is obligated to give you what you think about because what you think, and how you feel about it is what you create. If you wish to create the love, peace and abundance you crave than this is what you must focus your energy on.

When you focus your energy on the positive most of the time, you will begin to manifest these things into your life. Be patient with yourself and the universe as some things take time to manifest, but rest assured you will begin to see little miracles popping up in your life just to show you, you are on the right track.

Take notice and be grateful for these miracles, no matter how small as this will bring more and more little miracles to you because you are focusing your thoughts and energy on the positive.

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