Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What does it mean to be connected spiritually ?

It is tapping into everything and everyone. It is knowing we are all one, knowing what we do, feel, experience and put out there effects every being on this planet and elsewhere in the universe. We are all connected, everything is connected. We are all one, everything comes from one source and that divine source is universal. We can refer to this source as anything you would like, but it is one true creative source that we are all created from.

What one soul feels or experiences, every soul on the planet is effected by. We are pure energy and we are continuously putting out energy that others can detect. Energy is formless and can travel at speeds we cannot even fathom. It passes through almost anything and touches everyone almost instantly on some level. This is true for positive and negative energy. It effects people, animals, nature, mother earth, weather, politics, even our divine guides, teacher, masters who support our awakening in every moment.

Being spiritually connected is living while being consciously aware your actions affect the everything, and when you understand and feel connected to everything you find yourself consciously wanting to do better, to try harder. You know if you can heal and improve yourself, that it will benefit everything. Working on yourself speaks volumes to the universe because it helps to heal everyone.

When you have this understanding there are very few moments where you feel alone as you know you are connected to everything and everyone. Even though you may be going through an experience where you feel no one understands and it seems you are going through it alone, you know that you are always connected and your times of loneliness are only times that give you an opportunity to spend time with yourself looking within. Which in turn gives you the opportunity to heal parts of yourself that will help all of humanity.

Feeling this connection with everything, knowing we all come from the same source, and having the common goal of becoming conscious to the incredible beings we are, teaches us that living through the heart is the only way because..... love is the only cure to healing everything !!

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