Monday, March 5, 2012

Ever wonder why some things trigger you ?

The reason we find ourselves being triggered is due to the fact....we are being shown an aspect of our self that needs our attention. More than likely this aspect about yourself is something that your not that proud of or your not even aware it needed to be brought to your attention. There are various triggers to various emotions. Common emotions that are triggered are anger, fear, grief, and jealousy and any of these emotions can be difficult to experience let alone look closely at them, to determine why you are experiencing them.

When you become conscious of your emotions on a regular basis, you can then begin to become conscious of what is triggering them and not only become conscious of them, but you can start looking within for what is really going on as to why these challenging emotions are being triggered in you. This isn't always an easy task but it is one well worth doing.

It sometimes means getting into the trenches of your past traumas, past experiences, or even past lives in order to surface, heal and release the connection between your emotions in those situations and how you reacted to finding a new perspective when confronted with similar experiences in the present.

Another reason you can find yourself being emotionally triggered is because you see something in a particular person that is reflecting an aspect of yourself that you do not like, back at you. You see the people we have called into our life are the people who are going to reflect or mirror back to you the different parts or aspect of yourself. Both the positive ones and the negative ones. This gives you the opportunity check yourself for any personality behaviors you may want to re-evaluate within yourself.

Either way you can be sure if something triggers a challenging emotion or negative reaction from you, that there is work to be done or at least a minor adjustment in you perspective with whatever triggered this reaction. Sometimes all you need is to be conscious of what triggers you and make real effort in how you respond in the present or the next time you feel yourself being triggered.

Triggers are little guides helping to light your spiritual journey, showing you where a little attention is necessary. Going within is always the answer when it comes to figuring out why certain things trigger you. As you practice this you find yourself actually being grateful for what your triggers teach you about yourself.

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  1. The journey is an ongoing exploration and education of discovery.Thank You for sharing such thought generating insights.

  2. on a epic journey at the minute lots of self exporation , some good some not so good