Monday, March 5, 2012

Applying new concepts into your life.

Applying new concepts and theories in your life is like learning to ride a bike for the first time or learning how to read the letters of the alphabet when you were 4 and 5 years old.

It is learning to take and idea or concept and applying it to your life. Not just that, more than likely you are replacing an old concept, therefor must unlearn the old and learn how to apply your new way. This can prove challenging and sometimes great effort and patience is necessary.

When walking a spiritual path and you receive new insight, it is not expected that you jump immediately into living a life of perfection, where you are impeccable in every aspect of your life. For even if you were handed every possible answer out there about life, you would still need a great deal of time and effort in applying these answers into your life.

We can find ourselves getting frustrated with ourselves due to fact that we find applying new concepts harder than we first thought.

But worry not, for if you are putting forth at least some genuine effort, you will begin to see changes manifest within your life. They may be small, but rest assured if you keep on....keeping on, you will see bigger changes manifest in your life and with greater ease and in many areas.

Do not despair if your efforts seem futile or your plans do not manifest the way you planned, change takes time. Things need to be released and re-balanced and so long you keep your intentions for positive change, change will come.

Always know that everything happens for good reason and in perfect time. Just do the work necessary and all will fall into place when it is right for you.

Change can be hard so at least give yourself a loving pat on the back for now, and the rest will follow in due time !!

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