Monday, March 5, 2012

A little about myself and why I always choose love.

I am another you. I am Heather and I have traveled many of the same paths as you. I have risen from the ashes more than once, only to come out stronger, wiser, and with an increased ability to empathize with you. Through experience, I am able to present a perspective where you can always see good surrounding you. It is in my heart to help those to awaken to the wondrous divine beings we are.

I want to share my experiences with you, to help you see anything can be overcome through the guidance our great Spirit is continuously offering you. I want to share the endless ways Spirit may be trying to speak to you, guiding you along your path. I would love the opportunity to help light your path, so you may become conscious of everything you are.

I have had many challenges in my experience this lifetime thus far, and nothing will slow me on my mission. My hopes are the same for you. Some of the challenging experiences I've had that ended up serving my greater good include...Raising 5 children on my own, verbally abusive relationships, Living in a woman's shelter, sitting in a jail cell wrongly accused, finishing collage while being a single mother of 5 children, and learning the court system and how to speak up for myself, and now creating a spiritual center to help my fellow brothers and sisters on their journey.

All of this has truly served my greater good and helped me to become who I am today. Through my experiences I have been guided to begin my own spiritual career. More than a career, a way of life. I have come to a place in my life where I can see the good in all. Every one of our experiences serves us valuable information. I'd like to help you notice yours and create a life of bliss in every moment. The following is something I wrote straight from my soul and I put effort in everyday to live by it. Enjoy..............

'' I love all. I see all as one. I must see that all my brothers and sisters are another me. Lekesh....I am another you. I see all are exactly where they need to be in order to learn through their experiences. I must have compassion for all. The haters, the murders, the rapists, the ill, the rich , the misbehaved, the thieves, the people who hurt me in the past, the ignorant, the ones who live in fear and lack understanding, the ones who hurt others intentionally and unintentionally. We are all one. When I love them, they feel it. All feel it. When one heals, it heals all. What we share with others heals them. Our traumas, hard times, our time before awakening, our pain and suffering. When we heal these experiences within ourselves, it helps to heal all on many levels. Thank all who have given you the gift of an experience. Whether a positive one or a negative one, a joyful one or a painful one. Bless them for it, for if we learn to see the lesson and choose to live by it, it was a gift no matter what the experiences effects on you. I love everyone I've ever shared an experience with. I thank you all. I bless you on your journey. I love you unconditionally no matter your choices and there effects on others. I understand everything works together for the greater good of all. I know every ones experiences are necessary for their greater good. I am light. I am a beacon in the night. I shine and I welcome all to come to me for assistance and I pray that I may help you on your journey. Father God and Mother God know our plight and see my willingness. They are me and I am them. Their strength lies within me and I love you and cherish all parts of people. Feel my words and remember all,.... that we are one and if one is suffering, it effects all. I stand up for love and vow to give it always, knowing when I am weak or wavering in what I know, our all loving
parents will remind me through their love, to love all. No matter their deeds or location. Love to all. Blessed be !! ''

I am 32 years young and I love life. This is living in a place of love, a place of contentment, from your heart. This is what creates magic in your life everyday, and I want this for you. I know it is every ones birth right to feel good, to feel love every day in every moment and it is my mission to help as many of my brothers and sisters through their challenges as I can in this life time.
Bless you all and may love and light surround you in every moment.

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