Thursday, March 8, 2012

Your goosebumps, shivers, and chills, are speaking to you.

Everybody gets goosebumps of some sort on a fairly regular basis. Some may feel it more frequently and stronger in vibration but to some degree we all experience them. Unfortunately few know what to do with them let alone why they are getting them. If you start to pay attention to when you are getting them, you will begin to notice it is when you are in need of some kind of guidance or something is to catch your attention. Goosebumps are you picking up on energy, usually someone else's or a thought that you should pay attention to or look deeper into.

Goosebumps or sudden shivers or chills are trying to tell you or show you something. What ever they are trying could tell you is up to you to decide. They could be a warning, say if you were talking to a stranger and you had a bad feeling about this person when suddenly you get a shiver down your spine. You might take that as a warning to part ways and be cautious of this person.

They could come when you have an inspirational idea or thought, this possibly telling you you are on the right path and to move forward with this new idea. Goosebumps can appear when you are thinking of someone, you can bet in that moment when you feel them, the other person received whatever energy you were just sending to them in your thoughts and although this other person may not consciously know what this energy was, or know that you did this, but you can bet they felt an energy shift on some level.

You may receive goosebumps during a conversation with someone or a group of people, this may be telling you to be extra aware of what is being said or to whoever is in your surrounding environment. Nothing may happen in that moment but something may become relevant in the near future, that you may not have noticed if you hadn't received those goosebumps and known to pay close enough attention to see the guidance offered.

When a loved one who has passed on is near, you may feel them through the energy creating your shivers or goosebumps. When a spirit is trying to get through to you or just letting you know they are there, you may feel chills. Our subconscious can pick up on energies near by, even though we can't see it.

This energy vibration can be felt anywhere on your body. Some receive the majority of them on their head and shoulders and arms, others down their legs, and others anywhere and in various combinations, Your guidance is different than any one else's, so start seeing if you see any patterns or at least know that something is going on and act accordingly. They are a gift, a sign, guidance, the universe saying pay attention !

For me goosebumps generally mean I or someone I am speaking with or something I am watching... is revealing truth. Everyone's experience may be slightly or completely different. Pay attention and observe your thoughts and surroundings when they appear, it won't take long and you will have another tool to use on your spiritual journey.

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