Thursday, March 1, 2012

UPDATE : My experiences with ADHD, ADD, ODD, and OCD.

I have posted previous articles about my views and experience with ADHD and alike diagnosis and symptoms, one in particular is my personal experience with my own children. I explained how my own children display symptoms of these labels and how my two youngest had more extreme symptoms, to the point I felt I had no choice but to medicate one of them due to myself being in collage with 5 children and recently separated from their father and having to leave my school to pick up my child due to behaviour.

After I finished collage I, against most opinions took him off medication and have since made it part of my goal to help these children and the school system to understand why these children act out, have extreme mood swings, can't concentrate, have little impulse control, have strange little habits, worry, rebel against authority, and most of all are so sensitive to their surroundings.

I have seen tremendous improvement in my fourth child. It has been a long hard road, not just for myself but for him. He is almost 8 and has been well aware of where he differs from his friends, classmates, even family for years now. He feels different and use to cry or become angry because he knew he was different than most. He is highly intelligent as are most of these children, in a more abstract way and could feel that people saw him as a trouble maker.

He better understands why he is different through pointing out his strengths and simply explaining to him that most adults and children do not understand yet.
These children if understood as they should be, would be taught in a very different way. These children are are future mover and shakers. They are going to create the change that is needed. They will rebel against authority. Believe me this is a good thing. Our leaders are thieves and untruthful about everything in life. These children when guided properly will not stand for this. These children can sense things most others cannot yet. They will not be lied to, tricked, manipulated, or have anyone else's will or expectations placed upon them without a stand, or depending on their personal symptom, have some sort of melt down physically, mentally, or emotionally.

These children, my children included have a strong connection to psychic abilities, especially sensing or feeling the energy around them. Most have no clue why they feel so fuzzy or unfocused, and no one is explaining it to them. I have explained to my children about the new children arriving here on earth hourly, more and more every day are being born here to bring in the new earth. They are going to be part of earths most amazing changes. They understand and I know there is a sense of relief when they feel understood and are given tools in how to deal with their frustration.

I encourage anyone and everyone to do some research on YouTube on indigo children, star seeds, rainbow children, way showers these are all terms used for these special children who are struggling and being medicated for their strengths rather than being given skills and knowledge on how to deal and use these abilities.

It is my personal mission to work with these children and start making it public knowledge about these little indigo's. I have given my spiritual view to my children's school and to my surprise they listened to what I had to say. I want these children to have the best advantages in their growing up. I want them to understand who they are and have them taught what to do with their gifts. At the rate these children are coming in 90% of our kids will be medicated in another ten years. What's being done now is not working, nor will it, change is needed.

This article has kind of jumped all over but there is so much to say on this topic and I feel it is so important to get this information out there so we can all have the ability to stop medicating these children for their gifts because we the general public and school systems lack the knowledge, resources and funding to properly teach and guide these children. I understand fellow parents and caregivers, teachers, and anyone who shares in this experience it's hard to know where to begin, but we can do it. Research and post your findings. Get this out there. This is our future we talking about after all !!

I will post more on this topic. God Bless these children and adults who are very misunderstood and God Bless you !!

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