Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Government lies exposed. Wake up, don't be a part of their plan.

It is to the governments benefit that you do not believe or take this information seriously, but I promise it IS to your benefit to believe and take this information very seriously. The government is out for themselves and only themselves. They do not wish to see you prosper, for if you obtain true peace, enlightenment, health and financial security, they loose control of you in many ways. You lose your dependency on them. You become empowered and might tell others they have the full ability to empower their lives with love, peace, harmony, and abundance.

They government uses many tactics to keep you disconnected, to dull your senses, to convince you of their lies, to make you believe they care about your well being. They have alot of very large corporation and organization to give them pull in many areas of life that the general population count on, need and look up to for advice. This includes, pharmaceutical companies, religion, banks, food safety regulators, news stations, law enforcement, even fast food chains. These corporations and organizations make billions and billions of dollars for the government and in return are allowed to do practically what ever they want.

Now as if this wasn't insulting enough, they use other tactics on a much more personal level to keep you in the dark and disconnected from your spiritual being. This includes poisoning our food to put it frankly. They put fluoride in our water, when they know damn well it is poisonous and does nothing for our teeth. What it does do is builds up in our pineal gland, which is the gland in the center of our brain and is responsible for our connection to Spirit. It also prevents the government from having to pay for hazardous material disposal. Rather by putting it in our water not only do they not have to pay for this disposal of this toxic chemical, they get paid by companies that purchase it putting more money in their pockets.

All these preservatives / MSGs / BHTs they put in our food....They and the food health and safety regulators know it is poisonous to our bodies, as well as the pesticides used on our produce, and  aspertain used in the pop, the cigarettes and alcohol they sell willingly knowing all these foods and additives are nothing more than poison to our bodies that will ''dumb down'' our general public as not to find out the truth about life and who and what we truly are.

The school system and religions completely erase creativity and individuality. They disconnect you to YOUR true spirit and you divine path by having you conform to what they deem as acceptable. They hand out powerful medication on top of powerful medication, collection our billions of hard earned money, instead of teaching us how to truly heal ourselves. Chem trails from aircraft is another topic you hear of lately. This is that white trail left behind these planes and contains many poisonous chemicals, in which we breath and ingest.

What you can do.....ask questions, hold positive thoughts, pray for truth, write your governments, make smart food choices, don't believe what the news tell you, trust in yourself, look for natural ways to heal yourself, do not rely on religion to teach you about God being within you, do not allow your child's school to squeeze out every last drop of of your child's creativity and individuality. Love yourself and keep educating yourself on the truth and teach others where you can. The government will not thank you for it but all of humanity will.

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