Monday, February 13, 2012

Suffering is a choice, really it is !!

To think you are suffering is to blind yourself to what the experience is offering to teach you. To continuously think you are suffering, causes more suffering to come you way. It is the law of attraction, and this experience of suffering will continue to come until you choose to see it not as suffering but an opportunity to learn a valuable lesson and not only that, you will think not that you suffer, but learn and grow through your experiences and therefor will stop attracting experiences that cause you to feel as though you are suffering.

This subject is one that can cause resistance in many, as to take responsibility for your suffering is to be honest to the core of your being and seeing where your perception of your experiences has lead you astray and placed you in a position of being a victim. Claiming to be a victim is giving up your unlimited God given power. This WILL cause you to suffer, needlessly.

Choose not to be a victim and reclaim the power of your experiences. Do not suffer one more moment. This may create the need to go back and revisit many experiences from your past where you have owned the title "victim" or believe you suffered needlessly. You may need to re-evaluate and change your perspective on a few past experience, but that is all part of the healing journey we must all walk through on this wonderful spiritual journey.

Choose to be the best, have the best, experience the best, manifest the best of everything in your life by maintaining the believe you are worth it, deserve it and it is there just waiting for you to claim it. The law of attraction has no choice but to offer you empowering experiences when you claim your power, but the opposite is true as well, it will have no choice to offer you experiences of suffering when you claim to be a victim.

 Make the choice that you deserve to be empowered, leaving suffering in the past where it belongs.

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