Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The man that reminded me good deeds make a huge difference.

Today I went to do my groceries, I had $ 160.00 to spend and 5 children to buy for. So I pull into the parking spot and the is a man, who is obviously less fortunate in money than I am, standing there and he comes up to my door and I know he is going to ask me for change. I look into my change cup and there is less than $1.00. I open my door and he asks me for change to buy a coffee.

I look at the nickels and dimes and then I look at the $160.00 for our groceries and I give him a $20.00 and say to him with my hand on his arm " buy something really good for you to eat as well " and we parted ways. While I was doing my groceries I felt good and really hoped he would put at least some of it toward healthy food, yes well aware that the money could have been spent on something unhealthy but it really didn't matter as he received the money gratefully.

I finish shopping and get my groceries through the check out and as I'm about to walk out the door I see him in the produce section with bags of fruit and vegetables. My heart melted as I stood there and watched him gathering food that would nurture his body. I reached in my pocket and I had another $ 5.00's. So I left my cart and approached him handing him the money and offering him pure love and compassion.

I turned and walked away in a state of pure bliss. I could feel tears of joy welling in my eyes as I knew not only is my family blessed with good food, I know he will have good food as well for at least a couple days.







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