Monday, January 30, 2012

Aliens and UFOs

Any one who has done even a little bit of research can not deny the existence of aliens and their UFOs. Any one who has done a little more research can not deny their part in our creation and existence. Any one who has a lot of research will tell you they have everything to do with our creation, evolution and general existence. For those who are still completely unaware of extra terrestrials, this may seem a little outlandish but I am not trying to convince anyone of anything I am only trying to get word out there that people need to wake up to the truth.

In our effort to find enlightenment, the truth needs to be found. Those who have yet to acknowledge the existence of aliens will need to approach this subject with an open mind and doing so, is to your own benefit. Leaving this piece of the puzzle out of the equation, is trying to ignore the past without understanding the relevance of it all. They are very real and although not all (yes there is more than one type, there are many ) are benevolent ( all loving ) there are ones out there trying to assist our planets ascension.

Crop circles are no joke, neither are the hieroglyphs or ancient cave writings thousands of years ago. You tube's plethora of UFO sightings all over the world are just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to the extra terrestrial activity going on here on earth and in our atmosphere. There is much truth to alien existence and those in power want us not to know this information as it is to their benefit. ( another subject to research o your own )

The purpose of this article is only to encourage you to ask your own questions and look for answers. Believe nothing until something rings true to you. Spirit will guide you to the answers you seek. Just keep an open mind if this topic is one you never put any belief in to. Keep an open mind and the answers will come. Just a tip.....Don't try and convince any one who does not belief, it will only cause you frustration as people will only learn when they are ready.