Sunday, January 8, 2012

A few words about un-involved fathers.

As sensitive as this topic remains, I feel it is important to shed new light or give a different perspective as to how to spend your energy and thoughts on this topic. Let me prepare those not fully ready to accept this concept may feel great resistance to this perspective.

If you or a loved one has children that are experiencing life without the presence of their father or have a father in their life that is not conscious of the spiritual light in them and set examples of how one should not behave, you may want to read this, as more than likely you are contributing to the negative energy collective surrounding men and their roles as fathers.

I speak of this topic experiencing it within my own experience, so I do not speak of it lightly or without first hand knowledge of the feelings it can bring to the surface. My goal here is to create healing on a universal level that not only send these fathers the love that they need and yes, deserve, but to also help find healing for those affected by their choices.

If as many people as possible would send these men love, as much or as little as you can produce, they would be effected in a positive way. I'm not saying they are right in their choices, or people do not suffer for their shortcomings, but is it not the goal of the universe to love and help heal those who need it ? This excludes no one.

You do not have to be in their presence in order to send them love and healing, you can do this through your thoughts, through you hopes and dreams for humanity. If you are a single mother than you are strong enough for the job. Believe it or not you chose this as did your children. For whatever reason, myself included we chose this job the way it is, and we are more than capable of raising the children we chose to birth. We can also help ourselves in the way of finding forgiveness in some form for the anger you hold within. I have written an article on How to forgive those who have hurt you. It may help.

Either way forgiving and finding peace on the subject of uninvolved fathers will benefit them, you and humanity as a whole. Finding your spiritual path IS all about finding forgiveness and love for all. You may not like what they do but it is to your benefit to find this peace.

These fathers believe it or not are suffering. They carry immense heavy energy when an aspect of their life, especially this big, is unbalanced. You can guarantee they are in need of some heavy duty healing. So I say be the stronger, spiritual being and send them what you can in positive energy. You can at least thank them for your opportunity to see how strong and capable you are.

I write this with all love and respect for how challenging it can be when children's fathers are not around or set a negative example, but we can help the evolution of all humanity if we can find and send peace and love out to these men and the universe rather than anger, resentment. Holding the negative serves no good and is harmful to yourself. So believe in yourself and love yourself and accept your challenges with love and forgiveness.

 You deserve it !! May peace be with you.