Monday, January 2, 2012

Do you understand what a witch is ?

The true definition of a witch is simply a wise-woman. A wise woman is someone who has a deeper understanding of life and how it works. They also utilize the powers of the universe, understanding the misuse of these powers will create negative karma unto themselves. Witches know that the universe is a creation of love and that love is the everything that so many souls are desperately trying to reconnect with.

Being a witch is not all about spells and magik potions, although the use of these are utilized as it is the given right to all souls who temporarily live here on Mother Earth. Mother Earth provides us with magik everyday and witches honor this in every moment. The herbs she grows in perfection are there for use to heal ourselves and strengthen our thought forms into creation. The air we breath has the power to carry our most prominent thoughts to spirit for them to manifest.

A witch or wise-woman knows how to bring all that Mother Earth has together, and manifest what it is they are creating, whether health, love, happiness, abundance, or a stronger connection to spirit. They're understanding of how these things work teaches them about true respect for other humans. This allows them to use their God given right to create magik without hurting or causing pain to any other soul, as this would not be the true essence of what magic is.

To use magik is to respect all spirit, all souls, and all rights given to humans and life forms. When one uses magik through a combination of herbs or oils and word affirmations, it is no different than sipping on a peppermint and ginger tea and thinking to yourself how you want to restore health. Using the herbs provided by Mother Earth in combination with positive thoughts is an example of what magic is.

Almost all witches are loving, healers with a powerful connection to spirit and would never do harm. There is a general rule or agreement that you are to cause harm to no one. This implies any use of magik, is done out of love therefore any magik practiced is for the betterment of someone or something. Anyone can practice magik, actually many do without even realizing they are using the very techniques witches use.

If you feel any negativity towards magik, do your own homework and you might find yourself seeing magik in a different light than before. You might even find yourself being called to practice it, as many souls have been a witch in a past life and forgotten their connection to it until that is, they re-spark what has always been there, through reading and research. If you are intrigued by this subject don't be surprised if you confirm your interest by seeing the witch in you !

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