Sunday, January 8, 2012

Try to reduse your use of pharmicuticles, PLEASE !!!

I say this because I genuinely care for your well being. I love you and your soul. I wish to see you healthier than ever, because there is too much, too many people are UN aware of. This topic is very yucky and brings out a lot of very dark information. Some of the information seems unbelievable, scary, and inexplicably wrong, but part of my calling is to give the truth and always do it in the most positive and loving way....So here it goes.....

Pharmaceutical companies are not about curing diseases, they are about monitoring disease and managing symptoms. They create drugs that manage symptoms to relieve some suffering but leave you dependant on meds. for the rest of your life. They wish not to heal you completely as this would interfere with the billions they take from your pockets. This is no joke !

The drugs they create cause more symptoms, creating more complication, possibly creating the need for more meds. The drugs they create are mostly unnecessary, as herbs and energy healing, prayer, and positive thoughts are extremely effective and have practically no ill side effects. Believe me pharmaceutical companies are very much aware of this but when they are only out for your money.....why would they tell you this information ? They will not.

So I will. I do not wish to judge them but I do wish to out them, to educate my brothers and sisters on their selfish, greedy ways. Their deceit and lies are intolerable and it is all at our expense, while they sit back and receive the unwarranted credit for '' helping '' others, not to mention while collecting billions of dollars.  I am all for love and fairness and am passionate for the truth and when my brothers and sisters are being blatantly lied to in a way that creates deeper suffering, It feeds my passion of speaking up for what is right.

What is right is educating the public about healing with herbs, aromatherapy, all types of energy healing, meditation, prayer, and healing through letting go of your past healing releasing or transmuting whatever energies are causing blockages in your body creating illness. These are true healing modalities.

This is not telling you to stop taking meds all together but it is encouraging you to do your own research on on these other healing options. Pharmaceutical do not care for your well being or healing. They do care about you money. This subject goes much deeper than this and is connected to the lies the government feeds you. It is time for humanity to wake up and see our ''care takers'' ( government, pharmaceuticals, religion ) for the careless takers they really are.

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