Sunday, January 29, 2012

Herbs, what they can do for you !!

Herbs are our longest form of medicine practice we have. They work, and that's why no one in power or authority will tell you about them. For if we knew the true power of herbs pharmaceutical corporations would be out of business. There are hundreds of herbs that have thousands of purposes and so much of their qualities are going to waste. Herbs are easily obtainable to grow yourself. There are many dried herbs available and none are overly expensive.

Herbs can and are used for many things.

-One of the simplest and common uses for herbs are in herbal teas. Herbal teas can be purchased in a variety of stores and can stimulate, relax and even cure specific ailments.

-Herbal baths are extremely effective for drawing out aches, pains, colds and flu.They can relax or invigorate, depending on the herbs selected.

-Selected herbs are used to smudge or cleanse the energy in an area or your surrounding space. Its similar to incense sticks expert your intention is to call upon spirit to come and clear space of negative energy.

-Herbs placed in a carrier oil such as grape seed or almond, even olive oil infuses draws out the herbs healing qualities. Leaving the herbs to sit in the oil, shaking every day for up to 6 weeks, although 2 weeks is sufficient. These herbal oils can than be used for massage, and will help, depending on the problem and herb chosen. These oils are also edible and can be used for cooking.

-Tinctures are medicinal liquids made from soaking herbs in alcohol or sometimes vinegar for 4-8 weeks. The herbs strained and the types of liquid left over can be fever, aches, pains, depression, stomach upset and many other symptoms.

-Herbs are also used in candle making, creams, lotions, magik, meditation, prayer and have many other uses.

Begin your research on the Internet and find book about the medicinal uses of herbs. There is great benefits to using herbs and growing and using them can be very therapeutic to the body, mind and soul.

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