Sunday, January 29, 2012

Challenges are opportunity to test your strength.

Challenges are not only an opportunity to test your strengths but they are also an opportunity to view where your weaknesses or where you ''think '' your weaknesses lie. If we were not presented with challenging experiences how would we possibly see or experience the great strengths which we all carry within?

Without challenges how could we BE who we truly are? To not see our strengths is to not see our true selves, and one of our biggest strengths we own is our ability to overcome our weaknesses.
Challenges are unavoidable sometimes, but the challenges that present themselves in your life are always challenges set up for you personally to overcome, therefor your ability to overcome them are pretty much guaranteed. It's kind of like the saying you are never given anything you can't handle. This is true ! Never are we given an experience that we can not handle, as hard as it may be, there is strength within us to get through it.

Strength is an ability that we all own and the only way to see our true strength is when it is put to the test. The only way to evolve into the magnificent beings we are is through overcoming what seems to be weaknesses we think we have. How many times have you heard or have said I'm never going to get through this or I can't handle this any more ? Many times I'm sure and if you think back, you did it, you got through it, your reading this, so you overcame what was challenging you and now you know how strong you really are in hard times.

We don't necessarily have to like our challenges but we should appreciate them for what they are....teachers of ourselves. They show us how capable we really are when it comes down to it. When you are faced with an especially difficult challenge try to remember seeing it as an opportunity to test how strong you are and if your feeling good about that try facing your challenge with as much peace, grace and faith as you can possibly muster up. You just might shock yourself on how much strength you really own.