Saturday, January 28, 2012

Be specific in your thoughts.

I can not express the importance of monitoring you thoughts enough. The law of attraction is very real and about the most powerful law we have governing everything in our lives. What you think about the most, will eventually manifest in your life, whether it makes you feel good or not. If you think of lack, lack will manifest in your life. If you think abundance, abundance will eventually manifest in your life.

The problem that most people have in manifesting their desires is the length of time in which they hold the thoughts they wish to manifest. The time spent in thought is inadequate to the length of time necessary to actually manifest.

The other key point here is the energy and emotion put into your thought. If you desire something to come into your life, You MUST BELIEVE it will come And BELIEVE it until it actually manifests. You must FEEL GOOD that this is on it's way into your life. Your energy vibration on this thought is what vibrates what you are thinking into your life.

If you think about this thing not being in your life, than you are focusing on the lack of it and that is what you will vibrate to yourself. Lack. If you feel good knowing this will come to you, that it is on it's way to you, this raises your vibration to having this in your life. This may take some time and a lot of faith but with conscious monitoring of your thoughts for how ever long it takes to create it WILL bring it to you.

This subject seems to simple to be true but it is very true. It is truth. We find it hard to believe and especially practice because we are told our whole lives You must work hard, hard, hard, but this is untrue to a point. 99% of manifesting is done with thoughts, emotions and a constant level of belief that it will come. ALWAYS focus on having it and how that makes you feel.

That is manifesting. Focusing on not having it and wishing you could have it, that is wasting your energy. Manifest your life by feeling as though you already have everything you want right now. This is on a vibrational level. This is energy. This is the law of attraction. It is always in effect. Use it to your advantage !!

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