Monday, January 16, 2012

Breathing with spiritual purpose.

Your breath is completely relevant to your spiritual being. How you breath, what you consciously breath in, your depth of breath, even your thought on breath contributes to your being. I guess you could say there is no wrong way to breath but there is most definitely a more constructive way to breath.

When most people breath it is an unconscious movement of taking in air in order to survive. When you become conscious of your breath, most will notice their shoulders and chest rising. This is an indication that you are taking breath in, but it also indicates there is room to improve your breathing style. You are taking in enough breath in a sufficient manner, so you may ask how and why would you improve your breathing style.

There is always room for improvements that offer improved benefits to you and your well being. This includes your breathing as well. For optimum breath be sure it is your stomach that is expanding and not your chest and shoulders. You can check your breathing by placing your hand over your solar pl ex and sacral areas or generally around your belly button to check if this area is filling up with air.

The deeper your breath, the more oxygen you take in, the more breath you take in the more life you breath in, the more life you breath in the clearer your mind, the calmer your being, the more energized you feel. You can take this one step further by visualizing yourself breathing in healing light, energizing light. Light that permeates the air you breath in.

Your breath is much more than just air, it is your primary source of life, without it you can not exist on this planet. Why not make the most out of it and bring in and utilize it to the max. Breathing from your stomach area may seem weird or awkward at first, but so is everything that is new or different than what we are used to. Just give it a try, it's only a matter of thinking while breathing. You may be surprised with your results.