Sunday, January 15, 2012

What is an empath ?

An empath is someone who has the ability to literally feel what another soul is feeling, whether in their presence or not. Even when thinking of another soul you may find your mood shift drastically in only a few minutes due to you picking up their energy or the emotion they are feeling. Every one has this gift to an extent but some are much more sensitive to it than others. Another word for empath is clairsentient.

Being an empath has a lot of positives but also some challenges. The challenges are as follows...You may become overly sensitive without knowing your ability and knowing how to protect yourself from this very real exchange of energy. You may not fully understand why it is you are feeling a particular way. You may not be fully aware who it is you are picking energy up from. Being in social setting can be challenging as there is a sense of over whelming energy causing you to become anxious or uncomfortable. When you become aware of what your ability is, you can begin to understand how to use it and protect yourself so that you are not overwhelmed when in the presence of negative or overstimulating energy.

Once you become familiar with your feelings and learn to separate the feelings of others from your own, you may begin to find yourself less sensitive to how others are feeling. Sometimes it can be confusing as a particular person may tell you there is nothing wrong, yet you can't shake the feeling there is energy within them that is upset, angry, sad, worried, and so forth. This can be due to the fact this person my not be conscious of the energy they are carrying. What I mean is, say your friend had an argument with their partner the night before and although they are not talking about or even thinking about it, you may pick up on the residual energy from their fight the night before. You may ask them what is wrong and they may tell you nothing because they are not necessarily upset in that moment about the argument but you are still able to feel the energy of it.

Protecting yourself from this type of energy can be done in a number of ways. You can picture a large bubble of protective energy around you before coming into contact with someone you know is feeling down or drains your energy. You can ask the angels to place protection around you. You can wear crystals such as an obsidian, which offer protection and absorb negative energy. When using these techniques or any others it is a must that you believe you are being protected.

When you have identified there is an exchange of unwanted energy or when someone has left your presence it is always good to cleans yourself by asking Spirit to cleanse your space and energy of anything not useful or that does not belong to you. Another good technique that is especially great when you know you have picked up on unwanted energy or your thinking about them is creating an energy loss within you is to cut the cords.

This means to visualize a cord running from them and attaching itself to you. Now take a moment and visualize either a pair of scissors cutting this cord or ask the angels to cut this cord from you. This will cease any unwanted energy from reaching you or them taking energy from you. This does not mean you do not care for them, this is just protecting your boundaries and energy from being used or taken in an unproductive way.

Use this gift to help others. It can help you understand what another is truly feeling even if they can not put it into words. Everyone wants to be validated in all aspect but especially emotionally. So being able to feel what another soul is feeling and be conscious of it, is a marvelous gift to behold. Spirit gave it to you for a reason.

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