Saturday, December 31, 2011

So you lost your temper.....

Well it's not the end of the world. The experience happens or keeps happening to show you something. So, what did you learn from it ? Where in you, needs a little work or light shone upon ? Let me start out right away by saying, I am not only a teacher but a forever student on my spiritual journey. I come from a position the same as you. I make mistakes and yes, loose my temper every so often. It happen to the best of us.

When we lose our temper it is an opportunity to take a deeper look at ourselves and see what is going on. If your in the very beginning of your spiritual awakening, hushing your ego while trying to be honest with yourself can be challenging. Your ego wants you not, to see what needs change. Change is scary. Change implies you are not good enough.

This is what your ego wants you to believe, but in truth, change is always needed. Improvements to yourself benefit you and all of humanity. As we develop further along the spiritual journey it becomes easier to take a long, hard look at what is going on with you, that you, allowed anther person or an experience to cause a reaction that serves only to take you out of light.

If we can determine where we are not holding ourselves in unconditional love, we can then let it be brought to the surface in order to heal it, release it or transmute it. As we see ourselves becoming angry, it can be one thing to be conscious of it, which is great, but to get to a place where we do not react because we have deeper understandings of what this world is really about and how it works is the place we want to see ourselves in more and more.

Losing your temper is not worth feeling guilty over, as guilt is another feeling that serves us no good. Losing you temper is an indication that you have the opportunity to heal something within you that has been waiting to be released. There are endless things that can upset people and knowing what YOUR triggers are can teach you more about yourself than anyone or anything can.

Being a spiritual being, having this human experience can wreak havoc on emotions and we knew this coming here. We wanted the opportunity to test our limits in remaining in unconditional love and respond in a place of love, no matter the situation, but as mentioned we are partly human and we are striving for perfection and although we obtain moments of it, we are learning and need not put the value of ourselves on only our evolving tempers and reactions.

We can only try everyday, putting our best effort out there, to be the best we can be. As we evolve and make a conscious effort to try our best, things will find a way of working out. Love yourself always, and especially when and after you've lost your temper. Love yourself enough to look deep inside and see what is really going on.

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