Friday, December 30, 2011

Why those resisting this shift may find life more challenging.

The shift is here. It is happening right now and will continue with force. This shift is responsible for the rapid growth of spiritual light. This light being birthed through our spiritual awakening is raising the vibration of energy everywhere and no one is left without feeling it's effect. Those who are awake, awakening, or at least open to this new energy growing around us, will not feel so confused, lonely, frustrated, resentful, bitter, sad, angry, and lost as those who have closed themselves off to the Spirit world and the loving guidance it offers.

Your increased consciousness, awareness, or awakening is raising your energy vibration. This is necessary in order to remain at peace with yourself and your life. It is necessary because Mother Earth is raising her energy vibration and she will continue doing so as well. We have the choice to join in her wonderful quest for this amazing journey or we can resist this. It is our choice, but as always there is always consequences to our choices.

Those who choose Spirit, love, forgiveness will understand and see the good in all. They will not resist the changes happening and the effects on them personally. They will go with the flow knowing all is happening for the greater good of all. They will not judge themselves or anyone else. Those who are not yet awaken or open to their spiritual being are finding their challenging experiences more difficult than necessary.

This can cause tension and resentment in daily life. Most are able to cope this way as it is all they have known. They do not yet fully understand the concept of no longer having to cope with life. Life is not meant to be difficult to the point of coping, it is meant to be lived, enjoyed, and loved. It is hard for these people to see how such a seemingly dark and negative illusion can be fully enjoyed, therefor they do not see the good in all, creating pain in their life that is not necessary,...sort of.

Their pain is trying to show them something. Something that pain or suffering can only teach. When those who can't seem to find the light, their lowest of moments are which seem to create the need connection to begin asking and understanding what is really going on around them. So when you see someone who is not yet connected to their spiritual being, try not to feel sorry for them, understand their challenges are what is needed for them to search for the answers they may not even realize they are looking for.

Only then will the depths of their challenges be lessened.

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