Friday, December 30, 2011

Holding on by a thread ?

Well first let me offer you this.......You are a magnificent spiritual being having a human experience and You are and always will be courageous enough to withstand whatever life throws at you. You have God power within you and your light can always shine bright wherever darkness seems to lurk.
So back to holding on by a thread.

 Holding on by a thread is usually an indication you are about to hit a new thresh hold, you are about to take a step up in your progress on your spiritual journey and are going through a final test or having to release something in order to receive the new coming into your life. The seemingly more challenging the experience the greater your strides will be. It may seem like everything is happening all at once, and none of it feels good, but rest assured hold on for the ride may be disturbingly bumpy, but with true faith and patience, it will work out to your benefit, no matter what the situation.

You may not even understand why you are going through something until much later in your life. Just know that nothing happens for no good reason and everything happens perfectly for a reason.

When barley holding on it can be extremely challenging to remain positive, connected, or grateful for what it is you are going through. It may all feel pointless and painfully confusing and overwhelming all at once, but every moment of clarity you have during this bout of yuckiness, remind your self in a matter of fact tone...That you are experiencing this for good reason and have the strength through your connection to spirit, to overcome whatever this is.

Nothing is stronger than Spirits love for you. Sometimes all we can do is surrender and let God or Spirit take the lead for a while. Surrender does not imply you give up and make no effort to move forward. It means to surrender some of your control and let spirit guide you in the direction needed and respond to your circumstance in a loving manner, understanding all is well and current energy will pass. Understandably this may seem silly or you may consciously not have this remain in your thoughts, but referring back to this, even only brief seconds will ease your heavy burden and Spirit will acknowledge your faith and will respond with that much more force.

This will not take away what needs to be experienced but it will surely strengthen your connection to Spirit and the loving energy always surrounding you, especially in your darkest moments. So even if it is by just a thread, hold on with everything you have, use all your strength, call on the light of Spirit, Angels, God, all spiritual being are there in the waiting for you to call upon them. Hold onto that thread and in time and with perseverance your thread will strengthen once again and you will be holding onto love and light with greater strength than before.

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